Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Equations of Circles Card Sort

How has your summer been? I feel like mine has been so uneventful.... which has been lovely because I really wanted to do nothing.... Well I mean, I haven't done nothing.... after all... I'm prepping for two new preps..... Cornell Notes anyone? Yup! That's what I've been working on!

Anyways.... this past May, I underwent the interview process for my new/current job. As part of the interview process, we were to create a demo lesson under the stipulations that we could teach any topic we wanted that was part of Geometry or Precalculus and that we'd be teaching students ranging from Algebra 1 to Precalculus.

Well, I was on vacation in Charleston, South Carolina, when I got notification of my demo lesson. Needless to say, boyfriend and I had to take some time out of our vacation to create and practice this lesson... He was great at acting like a teenager.... (he really had no interest in doing math on his only vacation from Law School).

So that got me thinking about what lesson I could create that would set me apart from the crowd. I love collaborative activities so I created a card sort where students created equations of circles from a variety of information provided. I felt like it also helped reinforce the students' ability to problem solve.

Anyways..... feel free to check out the product on TPT now!

Monday, June 22, 2015

iPad App #2 - Quiver Vision

Quiver is an app that can bring a coloring page to life! In all reality, you parents out there will love this for your kids because all you have to do is print out a coloring page for your kid to go to town on. Then, you hold the iPad or iPhone over the coloring page and it will animate the contents.

How can this be used in a classroom?
  • Currently, I'm not necessarily seeing the application within a math classroom but there is a great coloring page on an animal cell that will quiz/assess the child on their ability to identify the parts of a cell
I believe there are other apps out there that deal with Geometric shapes.... but I haven't found them yet. As I'm teaching Geometry next year, it's my goal to start my hunt!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

But really...... I'm back

Two months ago,

I posted about my pending return....

What I failed to mention in that post was another component of my life that was making me rather busy....

A Job Search.

I am pleased and proud to say that I will have accepted a new job at another school in the Columbus area. It has been a dream of mine to be a part of this school district so it was worth the entire interview process (including a demo lesson - which I will be posting on TPT).

That being said, I promise to return and post and post and post....

Because I have two new preps...... Geometry and Precalculus!!!! I am so excited for two new courses because this means brand new material! All summer long to plan and pin! I also intend to put a lot of my content from this past year on TPT which means talking about how the stuff went when I actually used them.

You'll probably notice that I made my first post... it features some of the iPad apps that I have discovered/used/intend to use......

Thank you for your continued support! It has been amazing to read your emails and I am so sorry for the delay. In fact, it's always incredible when my MOTHER (who is also a teacher) informs me that she met one of my blog readers and they're mad at me for not posting.....

iPad App #1 - Aurasma

What is Aurasma? Aurasma is a augmented reality app that can bring everyday objects to life just by holding your iphone/ipad over the object using your camera.

How can this be used in the classroom?
  • Take pictures of textbook examples that you know require additional explanations/assistance (in my mind, not all do). When students use the app and hold the camera over this explanation, link it to an explanation video where you are walking through the example
  • Use the app for projects so students take a picture of their project. Then, you can have the kids link this to a video where the child is explaining the components of their projects and the history/process to their product
    • Personally, I'd love to had the kids design a "cement brick" on one of my classroom walls showcasing an artistic representation of one of the topics covered in the class. Then, they could take a picture of the brick linking to a resource about the topic. I'd use this as an end of course project

Currently, I just found it to be fun to hover the app over the back of a twenty dollar bill.... try it out!!!

I haven't personally used the app yet but I feel like the possibilities are endless!

Monday, April 13, 2015

My oh My Miss Rudolph..... where have you been???

For shame, for shame..... Wow year 3 has been so busy. Between RESA tasks for ODE and new PD opportunities, Miss Rudolph has been a busy woman! But I promise, I will return....

But what have you been doing? What lessons have you been creating? What new material will you bring us??


  • Flipped Classroom (I'm currently halfway through a full blown implementation and I cannot wait to share what I have learned and what I am still learning - as well as the resources and materials that I have been using)
  • Video Review Project (Last week's method of review.... I'm pretty pleased with the results so I can't wait to discuss and reflect on this)
  • Instructional Tool / Resource Project (The initial student created products are due next week with a full product due in May - aka my design challenge)
  • New PD Opportunity & what I have learned (iPad.... whaaaat?)
  • Desmos Match the Graph Projects

But sigh, they will all have to wait.... Thank you those of you who have sent me such kind words via email. I have them all saved and I do intend to respond.... but between RESA / PD / School, I've been a tad bit busy..... oh did I mention that I'm piloting a new course this term and I piloted another new course during the month of January? yeah, my apologies :(

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Algebra 1 INB - Rational Expressions

Oh my goodness, I know it has been an extremely long time and so much has happened!


Okay, so as soon as I found this out, I had my little panic of not being prepared but then I got myself into gear and recalled all the wonderful resources out there.

In fact, I decided to do an INB with my kiddos and so far, so good.

One topic that had not been addressed in the resources that I found was the idea of rational expressions. Now, we're introducing the topic to our kids and revisiting it later. For now, our kids are just using GCF to help reduce. No factoring trinomials (we learn that later).

So for those notes, here's what I did.....

I then had to figure out how to do some examples..... I started writing them out then realized, it'd be easier to keep with the pace and provide a piece of paper for the kids to glue..... so I did!

I'll upload the doc later... I really just needed to post because (1) I felt bad and (2) I need the digital files of the notes for the kids and (3) I wanted to share the news about Algebra 1.

Okay! I'll be back soon... I promise....

TOLD YOU I'D BE BACK!!!! Here's the file!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New TPT Product Available! - My Passwords

August. How I really don't care for thee..... It means it's time to start hard core prep. Well, something that I am determined (gung ho if you will) to do is to place an emphasis on organization with my homeroom (advisory). One aspect of organization is the idea that kids need to keep their passwords organized. Because lord knows, your computer doesn't always have your passwords saved..... They are always surprised when this happens ;)

So, I've made a simply darling password saver (handout) and it's now available on TPT!

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