Monday, February 27, 2012

A Cheaper Teacher Organizer

So I'm cruising pinterest one day, looking for more tips on how to be more organized and I come across some amazing teacher organizer bins. Now, if you are at all familiar with pinterest or you like's teacher organizing tools, you'll know that what I found was the $49.95 All Purpose Teacher Organization bins. I mean, they're pretty amazing bins and they come with labels and folders and blah blah blah... They're also award winning. However, I currently have no salary and am paying to teaching with my student teaching so that wasn't really an option for me. So the picture of the bins got filed away to my pinterest board and I kept on with my search. One day, I went to Target and of course had to go into the dollar section. And I stumbled upon these bins... I decided to keep on walking because I wasn't quite sure about my opinion of them. A few days later, I returned to Target and saw the bins but they weren't in pretty colors. If you haven't noticed, my roommate and I love Target and typically frequent it about once a week. So I went home, deciding that it wasn't meant to be. However, I returned to pinterest and found that some other fellow educators had used these boxes too! I grew determined to make my own version of these $49.95 bins.
VOILA!! My creation. So, they didn't have yellow but that's okay. I bought 8 bins after going to two different Targets as the first had NONE. 5 bins are used for the 5 days of the week and 1 is labeled other because stuff happens and sometimes you just need that other bin. I'm not completely certain what I'll do with my other two but at the moment, I have two preps so I could use one for each prep. Anyways, so I labeled the bins with the days using simple paper and cardstock. I then decided that I needed matching folders just like the $49.95 version. So, I started looking online for 'manila' style folders that came in the four colors. And then I found a pack of 100 for $14.79 at Costco.
So now, I will label these folders and each day's bin will receive several folders. Thus far, I'm thinking that each day will have a folder of the copies made for that day, homework collected, homework or what not to pass back, attendance sheet.... I'm not sure of all the possibilities but I do know that I have 100 of these babies :)

Have fun being thrifty! Oh, and the Target bins were $2.50 apiece....

5 daily bins * $2.50 = 12.50
1 other bin * $2.50 = 2.50
Folders = $14.79
Total= $29.79 < $49.50 plus I have folders to spare!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Colorful Art / Cultural Poster

Mission: Decorations for my Classroom
It is common knowledge that I am, well to put it nicely, cheap. I can rarely pass up a good deal and often have to be talked out of many bargains. In order to decorate my future classroom, I decided that I wanted to make many of my own posters and decorations. While I am currently waiting for summer to commence on many of these posters, Presidents' Day provided me with the opportunity to begin one of my pinterest projects.
Inspired by my multicultural education class and an extremely talented woman, I took a Ghandi quote, crayons, my hairdryer, and canvas to create a work of art for my classroom. Many people have been developing their own crayon art and I decided to combine color and diversity to create a work of art to show that I am more than a mathematics teacher.

Of course, not all my posters will be art for my classroom but I hope to post other pictures at a later date.....

Update: Here is the before and the setup/after <3

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