Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Colorful Art / Cultural Poster

Mission: Decorations for my Classroom
It is common knowledge that I am, well to put it nicely, cheap. I can rarely pass up a good deal and often have to be talked out of many bargains. In order to decorate my future classroom, I decided that I wanted to make many of my own posters and decorations. While I am currently waiting for summer to commence on many of these posters, Presidents' Day provided me with the opportunity to begin one of my pinterest projects.
Inspired by my multicultural education class and an extremely talented woman, I took a Ghandi quote, crayons, my hairdryer, and canvas to create a work of art for my classroom. Many people have been developing their own crayon art and I decided to combine color and diversity to create a work of art to show that I am more than a mathematics teacher.

Of course, not all my posters will be art for my classroom but I hope to post other pictures at a later date.....

Update: Here is the before and the setup/after <3

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