Saturday, March 17, 2012

Vista Print Shopping Spree

So a few days ago, I found a coupon on for Vista Print that cost me $10 but gave me $50 to spent on their product. Now, if you know Vista Print at all, then you know that they have a bountiful amount of free product, which makes the thrifty side of me oh so happy. Anyways, on my dull Saturday afternoon (yes, on St. Patrick's Day), I decided to challenge myself to spend $50 worth of classroom essentials only to discover that if I spent another $25, I got free shipping (was logical as shipping was about $28 anyways because I got some great stuff). So, I of course had to buy more... Ha, I'm a girl, not an issue.

Anyways, the point is, Vista Print has some GREAT resources that you can use as a teacher. I bought posters that I created, homework passes, sticky notes, notepads, a stamper and what not. So now I show you (whoever, you might be :) )!!

Rubber Stamps are free!!! I had seen this cute idea to congratulate my students' hard work via sticky labels, but I decided that free was better :)

Don't we all need these?

This might be one of my favorites!!! I saw this idea elsewhere using their postcards but again, business cards are free and you get like 250 of them!!!

I had seen this poster on pinterest and knew I would make one eventually and just decided that this was the perfect opportunity!

Don't we all need this?

A great reminder for all of us :)

So this is a free car door magnet but I figured, hey, I can hang this on some form of a magnetic board. Plus, RESPECT is the one rule I hold in my classroom so it's perfect :)

Well, I had to get the labels but I figured that I could use 140 of these guys

This is something we do in my classroom, a cookie challenge, and whatever team wins, I bake cookies for them on the day of a test. Because who wouldn't love a cookie on a test day?

Eh, I just couldn't help myself.


Well, I have to wait about a week to get all of this stuff...... sigh..... but I'll  post when I do!!!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Equations of Circles

So I'm almost in my spring placement of student teaching although I do not have official word of where I will be placed... However, it has been requested that I stay in my current placement so I have begun to create lessons for future topics. One topic that is coming up is "Circles in the Coordinate Plane" as part of the chapter on circles. This chapter has not been very fun, and in fact, most of my students detest it. So, I wanted to get a little creative. Because the topic of equations of circles is rather easy to get quickly, I've decided that my day 2 will be an Art day where students will design a picture using circles and they must provide the equations of the circles as well as write a question for one of the circles. I haven't hashed out the fine details yet but I will repost about this later.

Other fun that I've tried to make in my classroom was the lesson on vectors. Vectors are pretty easy to comprehend once students do right triangles. To make the lesson slightly more entertaining, I based the SMART notebook off of "Despicable Me" and the villain. For those of you who don't know, the villain is named Vector!!! Go to youtube and look him up.

Also coming up.... area and perimeter and volume and surface area.... i'm getting so excited!!!
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