Sunday, April 8, 2012

Graffiti Review

Prior to spring break, I had two days to review with my students for their terrible, awful, horrendous test on circles (it was really bad so they got the opportunity to do corrections and write a letter to me). One of the days of review, I played a game because I love playing games with my students. The other day, per their request, was a packet day, not so fun. However, I decided that before passing out the packet, I would do something a little more fun.

There are 4 white boards and 1 smart board in my class for a total of 5 boards. I explained that we would be doing something called Graffiti with our boards. Each group (I have the room divided into desk groups) was assigned a section that would be covered on the test and their job was to pick out the best theorems, definitions, examples that they think would help people study for their test. For the most part, the students enjoyed doing this, the Smart board group LOVED playing with the board. After drawing their graffiti, I had each group present their graffiti to the class. With today's technology, students were taking pictures of the graffiti with their phones to help them review. I, being without a smart phone, took pictures with my normal camera and here were the results!

Of course, the last picture, the group had a lot of fun drawing around the board afterwards but this didn't bother me as they did a great job showing the different cases of the theorems. I really liked this activity so students could explain what the theorems meant without huge language that they didn't understand. There were some negatives to the activity such as not having 30 markers so students couldn't all be participating plus some groups had a smaller work load than others so I had to encourage them to think about what else could help them. But overall, I loved it and would do it again. One student had asked if we could do this outside with chalk and I LOVED the idea and was sad I hadn't thought of it. Hopefully, I'll take my kids outside this week to do a different type of review.... details to come.

Happy Sunday!

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