Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quadratic Equations & Aliens

As I've mentioned before, my roommate Heidi is also a secondary math teacher currently doing the same Masters program. One of the great perks of living with her, there are many, is that we can bounce ideas off of one another for our lessons. So Heidi is currently teaching algebra 1 at one of the local high schools and needed to teach the topic of quadratic equations. Rather than doing a standard lecture on the equations, she did a 3 lesson where students researched the quadratic equation and taught themselves. It was a true example of a flipped classroom. She sent the students to this website: and they were to develop a presentation on how they would teach an alien how to do the quadratic equation. Students created poems and songs and they had a great couple of days presenting what they had learned.

Yes, it's a short post but I really wanted to give a shout out to her awesome idea!! One day, I'm totally stealing this. Because hey, as I keep saying, stealing is one of the great perks to this profession.

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