Sunday, April 8, 2012

Vista Print Shopping Spree UPDATE

Finally, a moment to breathe and a moment for me to post :) Per my usual Sundays, this is my day for lesson planning (in my program, lesson plans are due every Wednesday for the following week). Needless to say, my brain thinks that it's like April 20th because of the advanced planning. My roommate shocked me when she said it was only April 8th. Anyways, lessons planned, tomorrow is prepped so now I can post!

I just uploaded all my pictures from my Vista Print order and I was so excited!!!! Unfortunately, I did lose one soul to my anxious opening.... Warning to those who order from Vista Print, open carefully because you can tear things....

 Such cute stationary for thank you letters to students!!!

I've already used this notepad to leave notes for Heidi :) I also got cute sticky notes. I might use those for quick passes but it would have been wise to order a specific item from Vista Print just for hall passes.

PROPERTY OF MISS RUDOLPH :) I just taught my students what a kleptomaniac was. Ha, you can teach vocab in math :)

This is for my Cookie Challenge that I do with my students. I'll probably just put it on top of the score board.

My one and only class rule. It's a good reminder.

The signs you can make are really cute. I'll probably be revisiting this in the summer because it is so much more cost effective to make your own signs. Even Heidi thinks so :)

Door Sign! 

The one and only casualty :( I'm going to try and fix it with tape or lamination. Because it is far too cute and precious to dispose of. I had gotten this idea off of pinterest to make a letter/poster that shows my students that I care about them, as if they didn't already know... i mean i bake for them...

I feel like making another post..... so I probably will today..... but anyways. Here I am again saying... GO TO VISTAPRINT AND BE COST EFFECTIVE!!! It's really easy to use their free products to make awesome stuff for your classroom. And the posters aren't too bad either! Look out for coupons and gift certificates to make it even cheaper!

Happy shopping!

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