Monday, August 13, 2012

Door Decoration

Today was my first day of teacher work week and I have to say I am extremely lucky. I have a small group of wonderful coworkers and I think I have successfully memorized each name. Anyways, we took a field trip for some team building activities that we will be doing with our "advisories" next week. Advisory is kind of like homeroom but I meet with my advisory twice a week for 40 minutes. Over the course of the year, we do a service learning project together. It sort of serves as a family base at the school. The activities that my kids will be doing next week were fun but also meaningful.

When I got home, I began doing the summer reading that I had found out about the previous week. Each student will read the same book and turn in their responses to me during advisory so it's generally a good idea for us to read them. But I also began working on a class decoration that I had found on pinterest. Now, I'm not going to decorate my room too heavily as we switch rooms halfway during the year to keep it fair. But I saw this and absolutely wanted to make it for my door. I think it really did a great job of showing sentiments that I believe in.... It says
When you enter this classroom ...
You are mathematicians
You are a friend
You are explorers
You are important
You are loved
You are respected
You are the reason
We are here!
Love, Miss Rudolph

I had found the fonts through all those free font services on pinterest and just played around with it. It's another cheap classroom decoration to make and it's also a really cute and different door decoration idea.

I also have to start working on my unit learning targets more so. I had mentioned that I was teaching Algebra 2 and Trigonometry classes this semester and so far, I have learning targets for the first unit of each. Goal: Complete a list of all learning targets for each unit. Then, Calendar. Then, Lessons. I think it can be accomplished :)

First up, Linear Expressions and Inequalities for Algebra 2 and Data Analysis and Probability for Trig. I welcome any ideas for both! Especially as they will be taught in block!


  1. I made my own version of that door decoration, too! Good luck with your learning targets!

    1. I love pinterest! It has such wonderful ideas!!

  2. Love the door dec! I want to make one, but I keep putting off actual school work to make posters. Are you teaching at a private school? It boggles my mind of having to switch rooms halfway through the year.

    1. Quite frankly, I think making posters and decorations does count as actual school work.... But it just so happens to be a little more fun :) I'm actually not at a private school but I'm at a STEM school! The switching of rooms is definitely an adjustment but each room has its' pros and cons attempting to make it more fair with a switch!


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