Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Children's Book - Inverse Functions

At my school, we believe in a mastery systems. Basically, if a student has not "mastered" the content, then they do not receive the credit to move on. I think this is wonderful for math because as we all know, our content builds upon one another.

Unit 3 in Trigonometry deals with piecewise and inverse functions. For the ending half of the unit, inverses, I decided to have the kids create a mastery project rather than assess their ability solely in the form of a test. I just provided the project guidelines yesterday, so I have no status regarding how they look or how they are going but I will on Friday! I've uploaded the project description to scribd (see below) and as you can see, we will be doing a rough draft / peer editing day in class on Friday. The kids also got a handout detailing what I would expect in their rough draft (not uploaded).

The project is due next Wednesday (the day after the unit test) and I have crossed fingers! The kids are feeling pretty confident on this unit and as we all know, happy kids, happy teacher, happy classroom :)

Trig Unit 3 LT4 LT5 LT6 LT7 Mastery Project

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