Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Match the Graph - Graphing Inequalities

Sorry it's been so long! It's been 6 weeks since I've first started teaching and it has been a very busy 6 weeks!! I'm already almost half way through the semester and half way through all the content. Each of my classes has 6 unites and in both classes, we're finishing up the third unit this week/next week.

Algebra 2 had a unit where they were to graph inequalities and eventually systems of inequalities. After doing a few on their own, I then had the class break up into 4 groups and race to place Match the Graph!

It was so incredibly easy to make! All you need to do is take index cards, inequalities (or whatever equation you want), the solutions, tape/glue and bam! You have yourself a quick and easy race!

Everyone loves KutaSoftware and that's what I used for my graphs, since they already provide solutions. I had two different sets (a blue set and a pink set) made from the Algebra 1 inequalities and the Algebra 2 inequalities.

Downside: some kids obviously did most of the work, some kids tried to work it out by hand and then slowed down their group, some kids were able to visualize the solutions easily and didn't explain it to others.

Upside: it was a great lesson for kinesthetic and visual learners, it's great for visualizing what is happening or what is being said by the graph, and it's also great as an additional form of excitement in the class (kids love a good race)

Next time, I do believe that I would make an additional set of cards with systems of inequalities as the main point of the learning target was for SYSTEMS not just single inequalities. Also, I wouldn't put the blank graphs on the cards because they all wanted to draw on them (Miss Rudolph said no) but this wouldn't have been an issue if I had gotten them laminated because then kids could have taken dry erase markers to them....... But of course, I didn't have immediate access to a laminator.

Well! I have several other posts that I need to make but I did want to share this activity!

Stay tuned!


  1. What are the instructions on the race? Do they put their assigned inequalities on top of the solution graphs or did they have paper that they wrote the number of the solution on? This is a great idea! One of my students has been begging for a game and I actually found one! Thanks!

    1. Leah,

      All I did was have the kids place the cards next to one another but you could easily have them record their solution/match on a piece of paper! In fact, that's a great idea!


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