Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Joy of Teaching

I am infamous, to my students, to responding to my email. I'm attached to my phone and am often very good at trying to coach them through homework problems. I have several students who take advantage of this and I am grateful for their effort.

At the beginning of the year, I decided to create a folder in my school email called "Lovely." In this folder, I keep all emails that mean a lot to me. As I've referred to them before, it's the little things. My students continue to put a smile on my face (along with gray hairs at my young age) and today was no exception.

I received the following email from a student:

"hello guess what i can do the unit circle all myself. look at this i did it all myself and took a picture of it to show you, i only looked at the one we did in class to check my and to look at the ones i was not sure or didn't do. are you proud me"

I love my kids. I really do.

The tutor room is in my room after school and I had kids practicing their unit circle on my boards before I left. Lightbulbs were going off left and right and this student had asked about before I left and I encouraged her to ask one of her peers as this would continue to help their solidification of their knowledge.

I love my job. Thank you little moments.

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