Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year! - First Post of 2013

Sorry it's been so long!!! .... again ....

Happy New Year to everyone!!! As i'm sure everyone is, it's been super busy around here and it's not getting any less busy. I've been spending a lot of time planning and working on lessons for the future that I can hopefully post about on here! Those are to be starting to commence in February.

January is what we call J-Term where the kids have an intense month where they take one course.

We teach two days in person for four hours. Two days are taught virtually for two hours. And we hold office hours on one day a week. The rest is up to them. I'm teaching a recovery class so the kids have already had me and the class once. It is my hope that this will get them through. To help, I've been spending a lot of time making you tube videos for them. This has been great for our virtual days so they have some one to listen to. I then utilize a system that we were trained on called ASSISTments. I create most, if not all, of my tests on this website along with homework and practice. On virtual days, I create an assignment that they must complete. This ensures that I have the kids accomplishing something even though I'm not watching them. I can also see who is and who is not getting the material.

But that's really not what I was going to post about.

I wanted to talk about this idea of a game called REBUTTAL.

I did this with my Algebra 2 kids during our last unit in December. For their review, I had the kids come up with a question for each learning target (writing a rational equation real world question, rationalizing a denominator, simplifying a radical, etc.). I then had the kids solve their own problems. I took their answers and then compiled it into a giant review packet where I wrote the questions and their answers.

The next day, I had the groups split up into four and gave them the following instructions:

"Here are your review questions and the "answers" but some of them are wrong. It is your job to decide which ones are right and which ones aren't. If they aren't correct, you must correct them. For each question that you correctly identify as getting correct, you will receive a point. For each question that you correctly identify as incorrect, you will REBUTTAL AND find the correct solution, you will receive two points. If you rebuttal and are incorrect as the correction was correct, you will lose a point. The winning team of course will win a prize."

The kids actually really loved this game and the challenge of racing to find all the correct and incorrect answers. It was also simple enough.

Con: I had to check EVERY SINGLE QUESTION DONE BY A KID..... I have 60 kids.....
Pro: It got kids finding mistakes.

Changes: I would have loved to have included the incorrect work so they had practice on correcting mistakes. This is a wonderful skill that they really need to work on.

Okay, I too will try to work on posting on here more because dear or dear do I have ideas!

In fact..... I had some professional development this week and we are being required do what is called an MDC (mathematical design collaborative) in terms of a formative assessment lesson. Previously, we did what was called an LDC (literacy design collaborative) where I had my kids research something that obviously for me was math related and then write a paper, actually I really liked mine but due to the nature of that professional development initiative, I am unable to post about that one. Any ways, this MDC might end up being really awesome and I'll be happy to share that resource and the results once I complete this task!!!

Oh, and I found out I'm continuing to teach the same classes next semester! Hooray for learning from my mistakes!

ta ta for now!


  1. I really like this idea. I think that I'm going to try it with my Algebra 1 students next week.

    1. Thanks! A variation of it that I'd like to try is by copying the "incorrect" student's work so that they can find their mistakes. This is a skill that we really need to work on and I think it'd be great practice!


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