Friday, January 18, 2013

LakeShore Laminating

I think this picture shows my excitement that I have for my current project. My school is currently halfway through what we call J-Term (my mentor teacher informed me that it was a God Send to Teachers, and I now agree). During this term, I teach twice a week in person (for 8 hours), twice a week virtually (for 2 hours - but I record myself teaching on YouTube so it's minimal and basically virtual office hours), and once a week, I monitor kids trying to recover a credit from last semester). This has left me with a BOAT load of time to prepare for next semester. One of my big project has been revamping my new room (I'm in my room #2 of the year) by making lot's of new decorations. I have been inspired by Pinterest and have used lot's of the teacherspayteachers website ideas. After printing off all sorts of things (some self created, some not), I glued them to cardstock then went to LakeShore Learning Center.

Did you know that teacher can get a foot of laminating for 29 cents???? All of the paper you see in my hands above (it's alot) got laminated for $2.19!!! Of course, you just need to sign up to be a Teacher member, which is free.

Soon, after my vista print order comes in, I'll take pictures of the room and all the decorations hung up but for now, I just wanted everyone to know about this amazing deal!!

Gotta love teacher discounts!


  1. Dear Ms. Rudolph,

    I do care about secondary teaching, and I too, should probably be teaching kindergarten! Just wanted you to know you had a soul sistah out here. I've added your blog to my blog's reading list!

    Keep on truck in'


    1. Amy,

      Thanks so much for the kind words! I noticed that you are doing some work with exponents soon! We do a unit combining exponents/logarithms and I recently just found/created signs for these properties! Stay tuned! They're super colorful!!

  2. I also teach s math- just found your blog. When I talk with strangers they are always surprised I teach teenagers and tell me they thought I taught elementary! Apparently I'm animated? Anyway- thanks for blogging! I love your YouTube teaching!

    1. "Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths pure theatre." -Gail Godwin


      At least someone watches the YouTube videos! Whenever the kids ask me for resources, I'm always like did you check the youtube channel? They reply........ no.........


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