Wednesday, January 30, 2013

No Homework Slip / Reflection! - Pinterest Inspiration

Many of the ideas that I have come from pinterest, a great resource, which if you haven't become a part of.... you really should.

Anyways, one of the ideas that I found was a "No Homework Slip." So, I decided to make my own and place them in a basket in my student corner of my room.

The option that I had seen on pinterest had a lot of reasons for not having homework and I wasn't so cool with them as I felt that they'd be easy to just simply check versus clearly state, "I didn't feel like doing it."

I also really feel that the reflection piece was great!

So I made my copies and a coworker of mine had seen them and decided to keep one. I just found this out but she told me today that she loved the idea because often times, she forgets to write down who didn't complete their homework and this served as a great paper trail! Something that I added was the idea that if a student racks too many of them up, I can simply scan them and forward them on to a parent so that they are aware of the situation!

Below is the pdf version of my "No Homework Slip."

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