Friday, January 11, 2013

Vista Print Order #2

Groupon is having a VISTAPRINT Deal!!! For $17, you get $70 worth of Vista Print product. It's a really amazing deal if you swing it right. You can still get free business cards to use as homework passes and a rubber stamp for stamping those amazing tests!!

I'm sharing the link HERE.

Some of you might recall a post that I did last summer where I bought all sorts of Vista Print product for my future classroom. Currently, I'm using nearly every thing!!

Well, I just bought a whole boat load more!! Some of them are repeats and others are new ones!!!

 The Homework Pass - still FREE!!!
 New Magnet to hang on my board
 New Poster!!! - Pinterest Inspired
 The Goal of this poster is to inspire kids to have their work displayed!
 Just to be clear, some of my kids don't understand what they have to do to earn their mastery. Now, there are no excuses.
 They LOVE this stamp!! And I love that it's free!
 Again, a new poster inspired by pinterest.
Okay, I could have made this sticky note better but I was inspired to have sticky notes with graph paper for my kids. It'll be easier for them to take notes.

Cost of Groupon: $17
Total at VistaPrint (including shipping): $11

All in all, I spent $28 and got tons of stuff (I got 11 sets of post its)!!

SO HURRY UP!!! Go to groupon, get the vistaprint coupon and order away!!!

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