Tuesday, January 29, 2013

YouTube Virtual Learning

As I have discussed and perhaps some of you know, we have what is called a virtual day. For those of you who don't know what this is, basically, I teach from home twice a week during the month of January and if we ever have a snow day, I also teach virtually so we don't lose that classroom time. Because math can be very difficult to teach virtually, I've created YouTube videos for my kids to watch. They then will take notes and then complete an online assignment based upon the topic so that I can grasp what they did and did not get. I've embedded one of my videos below about factoring the sum of cubes (this is a trigonometry topic that many of them do not enjoy). But there are also several other ones that I've uploaded specifically for Algebra 2 (as this was my J-Term Class).

Pros: The kids love to pause me (they claim it's so that they can try the problem and then check their work as I go through it). It's a lot easier for virtual days, because teaching and answering the questions when I can't see faces is really hard.

Cons: I hadn't found a way to monitor these yet but I've come up with my solution, ASSISTments. I've mentioned this before but this is just an online resource where I create tests/homework/assignments but I can embed videos into the questions and then they can answer a question automatically or I can put it into essay form where they write questions they are having.

Anyways, I have to give credit to someone else for encouraging this post. I received a message on my YouTube account from someone complimenting the videos and encouraging additional ways to get views and it really brought a smile. In this profession, we don't really get all that many compliments directly, you don't in many professions, but little messages like this (the best are from the students, which I save in my email in a folder called "Lovely") make me smile and remember why I love my job and profession. So thank you :)

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