Friday, May 31, 2013

Final Exam Review Web

Overload on the posts. Sorry!

In the spirit of finals, I thought I'd share what I did with my kiddos one day to help them get a start on preparing for their final. The Friday before, I gave the kids a blank web. On the web, I started them off with each of the units that we covered. Their instructions:

-Add the "Big Ideas" or "Topics" stemming off of each unit.
-Add details or steps or helpful hints stemming off of each of these big ideas or topics.
-Add at least 3 questions about a topic on your web.

As a class, we created a class size web where the kids first added the big ideas and any necessary information they felt was important. Then, the kids took sticky notes and wrote their questions on their sticky notes. These were then stuck next to the big idea in each unit. After the questions were placed on the board, I had the kids answer each other's questions on the sticky notes, holding them accountable for teaching someone else a topic or concept.

Overall, I liked the activity and it got kids thinking about what all we had done throughout the semester. I have done reviews kind of like this before but I liked the addition of post it notes to create anonymous questions so the kids were not  to ask them out loud. :)

BEFORE: Blank board with the units listed

AFTER: Board COVERED in concepts and questions answered by their peers


  1. What a great Blog! I, too, am a first year math teacher; however 7th grade. It is a little easier for me to make my classroom "fun" as my kiddos are still babies (even if they wont admit it.) I definitely book-marked you and will return. I really want to do a blog this year (my second) also a classroom Twitter so I will keep you posted on that one for more secondary fun ideas!


    1. 7th grade! Oh I loved when I student taught 7th grade, it's originally where I was hoping to land a job but now I'm hooked!! Hooray for us surviving our first year! Let me know how the twitter goes as that's one realm where I haven't even attempted personally! Thanks for the comment!


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