Friday, May 31, 2013

Remind101 - Using this next year!!

Hello all!

Long time no post! I'm currently staring at my children as they take their final, so I figured, the time has come. I shall return!

A colleague of mine was telling some of us about this technology she found for the classroom during one of our teacher outings. It's called Remind101. It's a text based service that students can sign up for so that they can be sent reminders regarding your class. Now here's the best part, they can't respond back to the reminders! Woo hoo! There is an app for it on my iPhone so you can literally just log on and send a group reminder.

For example, "Don't forget that you have a paper due tonight at midnight!"

or even..... "PEMDAS has not left the building!" (that's a favorite of mine as they always seem to forget that....)

I love the fact that I can do this all from my iPhone app, so I don't have to be right next to my laptop or hooked up to wifi to do it. Plus, you can sort it based upon which class you are teaching so that you only send the information out to that class. Even parents can sign up for the reminders if they want to make sure their child is staying on the ball :)

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