Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Angry Birds Launching Quadratics

I can't give credit to myself for developing the Angry Birds project but I will say that my kids thought I was pretty darn awesome for assigning the project!! Initially, there were groans and whines that they had another project to do, but after each project, I actually had a student inform me that he loved my projects and that he put aside his organic chemistry to do them (he is a smarty pants and LOVED writing a children's book).

Before assigning the project, I did give my kids a "real world" warmup problem that I found on the lovely pinterest via teacherspayteachers. This was a great introduction as it allowed for the kids to discuss with me why negative x and y values shouldn't matter in these contexts (allowing for points to be deducted in the angry birds projects, mwahaha). It also got them thinking about other uses of quadratics and how questions could be phrased.

So I give you credit Mr. Orr, you rocked my socks and you rocked my kids' socks.

I did tweak the rubric ever so slightly after looking at a few of them. One aspect of this project that I really did like was giving the students' the CHOICE in working with a group or individually. This saved my butt this semester when a parent emailed me asking me: "What are you going to do about the fact that my child worked on his group project completely alone?" I love conversations about children's choices :) Another thing that I loved is the requirement of domain and range. Our students don't see piecewise functions until trigonometry so the concept of being restricted was VERY difficult for my kiddos. I really thought that this firmed up that idea :)

While the parabolas were not the best, I did thoroughly enjoy this project. :)


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