Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Conical Art & Reflective Piece

A project done previously at my school was having the students design art work / images that featured the graphs of the conic sections. Infamously, the least favorite project, but most definitely a beneficial one. This semester, the kids loved that for the first time, I assigned a project that didn't force them to think too hard, other than what to draw. The purpose of this project was getting kids to graph the conic sections. Hyperbolas can be tricky but with the lovely rectangle trick, they're not that bad. As the kids reflected for me, this project really helped firm up the basics as far as lengths of axes went and how to draw the sections.

As we do design challenges at our school, this time I had the project focus on their product created with olive oil that symbolized their efforts.

This student's group created olive oil based paint that she then used to paint on canvas.

Clearly this student took the more abstract approach to creating a picture about olive oil but I still loved it! These two were pretty artsy all semester long :)

I've included the project description as well as the rubric below. Next semester, I'll probably stick to the documents being typed so that I can better read their reflections of the process. I'd like to think that this was another contributing factor with the success of conics this semester.

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