Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Story of a Framed Dry Erase Board

There once was a fairly bored teacher who was on her summer vacation. On her vacation, she spent much of her time walking her dog, painting and updating her condo, cooking, and such. One day, she decided to organize her office space (post to come). Upon organizing and cleaning her office space, she took her boyfriend to see what she had accomplished and he offered his opinion for a blank wall which stared at her. "Why don't you add a dry erase board?", he said. Good lord, why had I not thought of that?

That evening, she sat in her bed as she brainstormed how she would accomplish this task in a fun, stylish, yet cost effective way. The next day, she made two stops. Her first stop was at Michael's (every crafters' favorite store especially if you are a teacher and get their discount). At Michael's, she found a sheet of burlap (to go underneath the frame that she would eventually find so that it was not a boring dry erase board). Unfortunately, she didn't find the poster size frame she had been searching for with a thick and not boring frame. They had many cool and awesome empty frames but she didn't feel like going further and getting a sheet of dry erase board cut to fit the frame (although this could be done for even cheaper). Instead, she purchased the burlap for $6!!! Originally $10 with her 40% off coupon!!

Her next stop was her absolute favorite store, TARGET!!!! And per usual, of course she didn't leave with just the picture frame she was looking for. At Target, she found a thick framed poster size frame for only $29.99 (used my $10 groupon that I had bought a few weeks back for Target). It was perfect! But she didn't stop there.... she also swung by and purchased her pooch a bow tie (boyfriend was not a fan but he did receive many a compliments).

But he's just too cute!!!

Anyways, after spending only around $36, I was ready to make my framed dry erase board. Of course, I probably could have spent less and I challenge you to spend less than I did, but I was getting slightly lazy.....  And now, let's begin!

Get your material! You really only need two things! Take all wrappers off. Unravel the burlap and take the back off the frame. Now here comes the tough part!

All you need to do is fit the back cardboard piece of a frame so that it, as tight as possible, will let the burlap fit snug underneath the glass (mine was plastic, wasn't thrilled) of the frame. The clips, or whatever they are, on the side of the cardboard are easy to still slide into the correct spot with the burlap.

Sonny was very confused as to what the heck, I was doing. At this point, I was cutting the excess burlap from around the frame. I think the cutting scared him...

And ta da! As you can see, there are a few creases and I'm sure I could iron them but seriously, this took like 3 minutes and I just needed to tighten it up a bit!

And look at that, I was even able to write on the plastic :) Oh, and it did erase, I checked.

And so, the framed dry erase board now lives happily in the clean and organized basement office waiting for the day or night when Miss Rudolph returns to the basement to record a video lesson on that board. Oh yeah, that's the purpose of my framed dry erase board, I now have a nice big work space so that I can record myself solving problems to upload to my youtube channel.


  1. I have just stumbled upon your blog. I love it! This is absolute genius. I love DIY projects and making my classroom cute. This will be super awesome for my AVID kids!

    1. Thanks for your comment Hannah! Super easy to make projects are the best! Especially when they don't turn out half bad!


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