Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Loving ASSISTments: Reason #3 - Previously Created Problem Sets / Skillbuilders

I shall now begin continuing my reasons for loving the program: ASSISTments

We're now onto the third reason why this program is so wonderful. 


Currently, it is still in the early stages of being developed but there is TONS of previously made content created for the subject areas. As many of you who read this blog are math folk, you'll love this! I love to use a lot of the content for the skills that my kids struggle with that I shouldn't spend too much time on, aka fractions etc.

In an area called ASSISTments  Certified, you will find problem sets in the different subject areas that have been approved by the creators in terms of copyright and alignment to standards. The mathematics content is by far the most filled of the folders.

As you can see, there are many other options within the Mathematics folder. The problem sets are organized by Common Core Standards (mostly middle school but they are working on the other grade levels as well! so finally the middle school teachers can get some love); skill builders - these are the problem sets that are programmed to give your kids a certain number of problems until they have shown "mastery" in the skill; State Test Level Items; and even Textbooks (these are great as many of the textbooks have already been added and rather than going around the room and checking for homework, you can simply have your kids log on the night before and enter their answers so that you may then give a grade based upon their ASSISTments).

Above are several of the skillbuilders created by ASSISTments to help practice High School Algebra skills. Once again, I love these skillbuilders as they are many skills that I would expect my kids to have when they enter my Algebra 2 classroom, that many have already forgotten.

Here is an example question from a skill builder created by ASSISTments (so it is ASSISTments certified). As you can see, they create MANY thorough hints, much more thorough than my own. In the problem sets created by ASSISTments, they do the work for you and have a test bank of 100 or more questions so the kids never run out of questions to practice and eventually show their mastery within. That's less work for all of us when we just need our kids to practice additional skills.

Hopefully, you're getting the gist of why ASSISTments is so awesome! I'd just like to remind you that while ASSISTments is free, your school does need to go through the proper training in order to qualify to use the program. This can be done by contacting ASSISTments or you can go through a wonderful company called Treno Solutions. Of course the training does cost money but once you have the program figured out and the kids used to it, it is priceless how everyone benefits, especially the kids :)

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