Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Why I love ASSISTments: Reason #2 - The Reports

As promised, I will be posting things I love about ASSISTments periodically (so far, weekly) and we are onto the second reason.....

One of the wonderful things that I enjoy about this program are the numerous reports that I can obtain from one assignment. Not only will it do the grading for me but it will keep track of all sorts of things for me! For example, each attempted solution (unless it's in a testing mode), how long the student takes on a question and on a whole assignment, whether a hint was requested (it also tells me if that was their first move rather than attempting to answer it on their own, and more! This has made my life a whole lot easier as far as knowing which of my kids are struggling and could use additional help (this semester, I gave some of the kids additional guided notes to assist them with difficult topics).

This is the header of a report. As you can see, there is a guide telling you what each answer box means. The yellow tells me that a hint was used, if it says hint requested, this was their first instinct, to use a clue. If there is a solution but it is also yellow, this tells me that they used a hint after they got their solution wrong.
Another report that you can access is what we call either the 'star report' or the timestamp report. Next to each students' name is a little asterix. Once you click on this, you'll access the report you see below where the students' time stamps are recorded as well as their different attempts. This is also nice if you have a test that went longer than planned and you don't want them accessing the test overnight.

You can see when a student starts/resumes/answers their questions along with what the time stamp was when they did the question.

As you can see, you can also see when a student asked for a hint. If there were more hints, you would see more bars for how many hints they asked for.
Another report that you can access is called the Proficiency report. In this report, you can clearly see where your students stand in comparison to their peers. I love the color coding because it is especially obvious to me which students I need to talk to urgently and ones that could use an additional challenge.

Reports are wonderful but of course, you actually have to use the data for it to be wonderful. Rather than looking at whole reports for the entire class, I thoroughly enjoy looking at the individual level. :) How do you currently assess each of your individuals? Do you think ASSISTments could work for your school?


  1. Just signed up and this is so easy to use. I am using it during 20 min of block periods to review for our state test. Thanks!

    1. That's a great way to use it! I just started uploading our state content onto it as well!


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