Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cellphone Jail

Who's getting ready for the school year? This girl is!

Just finished teacher week (we get Friday off) and I was putting together my no cell phone bucket. A long time ago, I was inspired by High School musical. But obviously, I was still in high school / college and was not yet even student teaching so it was majorly on the back burner, more like still in freezer.

Well clearly I'm all grown up, not quite, and it was time. I saw a cell phone jail on pinterest that featured a clear paint bucket (not sure how they did it) and I remembered that they sold paint cans at Lowe's. So off to Lowe's I went when I found a bucket (they also had paint cans) and I decided I liked the little bucket more. Easy. $3.

Next came the exterior decoration so I put together an image, pretty simple (included below). Laminated it. Taped it on. And Bam! Done. Fear me! I will take your cell phone.

Generally, my protocol is as follows:
1) Warning
2) Take away for the day
3) Take away for the weekend (or so I've threatened....) / Mom or Dad has to come get it.

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