Sunday, August 11, 2013

Farewell summer, until next time

As I recall being a young girl, summer came and summer went. A year ago to the day, I was preparing to walk to the stage, shake hands with E. Gordon Gee, and receive my diploma for my Masters' degree. A year ago tomorrow, I was on my way to my first day of teacher's week. Wow, so much has changed in a year! I was even able to change my profile description from being a first year teacher, to being a second year teacher!

Welp, just like it was a year ago, tomorrow starts teacher week, thus marking the end of the summer. My summer began by googling "What do teachers do during the summer?" There were some wonderful suggestions and in fact, I took some of them. I have also decided to document what I decided to do this summer so that I may provide a list of suggestions for others to do during their glorious summers off (I may add onto this during January when we have our wonderful J-Term). This also serves as a follow up to my previous start of a post regarding this topic.

1) Work around the house (condo)

I had several projects this summer: 1) Paint Master Bedroom (see below) 2) Hang corner shelves and make corner cute (see below) 3) Put together office in the basement (see post here) 4) Fix up Guest bathroom - aka, Reinstall new lighting, new mirror, towel hooks, swap medicine cabinet for built in, and paint. (see below, and excuse the stained towels - will replace eventually) 5) Hang shelving in laundry room (WIP)


Before:                  After:

2) Crafting

I didn't get to do as many crafts as I had planned this summer but I was able to crank out a few! The first one was inspired by pinterest and I actually made 2, the burlap bubble wreath! One for me and one as a housewarming gift for a friend). The other craft that I did was make my dry erase board for my office. Both were super easy projects and involved burlap!

3) Try new recipes and cook!

I've included most of the receipes below with a tiny review but some of the pictures were a combo effort between boyfriend and myself (pierogis /kielbasa; steak with romanoff potato on Green Egg; Cheese Platter). I ate very well this summer and this doesn't even cover everything!

Chicken Tetrazzini - I still have leftovers to eat!

Beer Bread - Delicious!

Sweet n Spicy Pork - Also great!!

Country Fried Steak - Boyfriend says I need to use a castiron skillet next time. Noted.

Jello Firecrackers - Boyfriends' family loved them! Perfect for Fourth of July!

Balsamic Tortellini Pasta Salad - I tweaked the receipe, traded chicken for fresh mozzarella and took out the spinach. I also used red peppers and yellow tomatoes instead, delish!

Hummus - I've made this a ton recently, I love making my own hummus and not buying it anymore :) But I do get lazy from time to time.

Spicy Thai Noodles - Also made this several times and love it. Definitely only needs one tablespoon of red pepper. We had Thai night at Boyfriend's family house and this is what I brought (his dad had 3 helpings, I take it as a good thing).

Mongolian Beef - Definitely need to double to recipe for a family, really wonderful!

Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil Sandwich (Not Pictured) - I needed to use better bread, not healthy bread.


The rest of my list was not documented in pictures but should be on the list as well!

4) Sleep LOTS! I won't get this back during the school year so I have no regrets that I am still in bed right now typing this, will find motivation to go to the gym soon.

5) Following the last one up, I actually went to the gym this summer! If you know me at all, I hate the gym with a burning passion. I find it boring. But boyfriend starts law school in like a week and wanted to get back into the swing of working out so that he had something to relieve stress during law school so I offered to go too. I figured if that's the only time I see him for the next three years, at least I will be looking good!

6) Go to all those doctor appointments! Dentist, whoops, forgot about them so now they happen in September. But man it's good to know my eyes aren't deteriorating, yet, and I am severely allergic to grass pollen (I won't include the picture of the allergy testing)! Along with my own doctor appointments, I visited the vet's office 5 times.... each with their own bill.....

7) Following up the last one, get a dog. adopt a dog. find a dog. I love my dog so much now and I couldn't imagine my life without him. I am so lucky that he was rescued from that kill shelter and some how found his way into my heart. I posted about him earlier this summer.

8) Professional Development. Yes, yes, I did indeed do some school work this summer. Despite not knowing what I was teaching, I worked on my ASSISTments content as well as my previous two classes' content. I also did a training for ASSISTments and applied to further my PD (more details will follow - perhaps).

9) Relax a little, and get a facial. I really liked this suggestion. I found a groupon for a facial at my salon and so I scheduled it for the same day as my hair appointment and it was just such a wonderful day! New hair, I would say new face, but new me! I left with such a better, more confident attitude, ready for the new year!


10) Do whatever you want. Now I can say this because I am a single girl living with a dog. I'm not a mom, not a wife, just Miss Rudolph. I remember my summers with my teacher mother and they were quite different from my own. I want to enjoy this time while I can so that I can fully enjoy the summers when I am not alone and have a child with me (yes, I've enjoyed my child free summer). So I shopped and probably bought a little too much, I even bought my first briefcase as I wasn't able to do last summer. But I did it, because I wanted to. This was the first summer that I was truly free since being 15 and working three jobs. I wanted to do what I felt like on that day. But now, it's time to be an adult and return to the working world.

I hope that you have enjoyed your summer and the many posts that I've provided as I'm sure that will deteriorate once the school year commences. But hopefully I've done enough prep so that the school year will run smoothly and then I won't have to do any work at home and can dedicate my time to blogging! ;-) Thank you for reading my blog this summer, pinning my posts, and google plusing the blog (whatever that means). Last month, I more than doubled my most views in a month and this morning, as I logged on, I hit a lovely even number of views all time. Good timing me! I'm clearly still in the early stages of being a blogger but I've loved it and I think I will really appreciate having all this documentation one day. 

Good luck this school year!


  1. What a great summer portfolio! I love the recipes complete with pictures. Nice job!


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