Monday, August 5, 2013

The office - perfect for making those youtube videos!

One of the things on my summer to do list was to fix up my office. I was very fortunate to find a good craigslist purchase as well as to make a trip to ikea to help make this room possible. I'm not the biggest fan of staying seated or working in a desk but it'll be nice to have when I am teaching during J-Term at my school (when most of the classes are taught virtually).

The dry erase board that I made :) It gets it's own wall and I positioned it directly across from my desk so that I can place my laptop at the corner and record the lessons.

Here is the beautiful desk that was a steal on craigslist! This summer, I was lucky enough to find a Pottery Barn Bedford corner desk for the low low price of $350! Plus I even got an extra file cabinet. Normally, the set plus hutch that I got is well over $1400! Lucky for me, I snagged it by calling at 8:30am on a Sunday morning (for shame). When I got there at 2:00pm, the gentleman was kind enough to let me know that he had received well over 10 phone calls but assured them that I was coming! Just goes to show you that if you are patient, you will find treasures on craigslist.

Diplomas, I'm thinking will be hung on a shelf above that area. Not sure, but I'm a huge fan of framing diplomas. Go bucks!

Ah yes, the ikea find. This is the white ikea expedit shelf with 4 of their bins. There are so many creative ways to utilize these shelves but given the fact that I invested in a huge corner desk, it needed to stand vertically (I had hoped for it to stand horizontally, I might still toy with it). Slightly, you can see the additional file cabinet that I also got out of my craigslist deal.

Just another view of the dry erase board corner.

Meanwhile, I had given Sonny a bone and he was busy searching for a place to "bury" it. Clearly, next to the expedit shelf was the right idea (I hard his nose squeaking against the base board when attempting to bury it there, ouch!).

Ta da! A panoramic view of the office (minus the dry erase board). I have hopes to paint and better organize it but you'd have no idea it wasn't terribly organized ;) (slight lie, my life is organized but this is far from where I would like for it to be).

What do you have in your office away from school?


  1. Your office looks awesome! I am jealous. We have an office, but my husband works out of it at home so it's always a disaster and I have no dedicated area in it. Drives me crazy. Glad you have a nice organized space to work at, mine is the kitchen table.

    1. Thanks Sherrie! But don't worry, mine isn't too bad and I use my bed as my workspace, it's so much more comfy! But I have fallen asleep in it several times while grading......

      Oh, middle school math rocks!


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