Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My children are better than yours :-P

You know how kids are just so sweet and they keep you coming back for more? Oh, you're not having one of those weeks? Well let me remind you why you are a teacher and why you should keep on keeping on :)

I've been out the last two days leading professional development (actually, I've been at our middle school doing so thus, the kids have seen me multiple times). It's been quite an honor and I've been really excited to be a part of leading professional development, a big step in my career.

Anyways, with missing school comes preparing for substitutes. While my Trig kids were working on projects (posts to come, depending), my Algebra 2 kids were working on 3x3 systems. The first day, they went through more practice problems and the second day, I had them play Add Em' Up. A really fun game that really exposes kids to how many algebraic errors they can make. Plus, you have very little to do during this lesson, so it's a rather nice break from the norm. Truly activating students as their own learners.

Midway through the day, I looked down at my iPhone and saw that I had received an email from a student. I slightly sighed expecting the worst, "This sub is horrible" or "I have no idea what is going on." But to my delight, it was neither of those situations. The following email is sent from a student who is recovering the class (I had this child last spring but they did not yet master the course). Thus far, they have been trying really hard and found much success during the school year. I almost cried reading their email.

I always tell my kids that remediation/retesting/retaking the class doesn't mean anything other than you might need a little more time with the material, and that's okay. Last year, this student was very vocal about their lack of understanding of the material and this child along with several of my other recovery students are shocking me and my belief of what a recovery student is. It's amazing and I am thrilled to witness this!

Oh, and my children showed me as a whole today and yesterday that they are truly caring human beings. Every student I passed asked me how my presentations were going and wishing me luck. I love my kids. Each and every one of those 120 teenagers. They are my children.

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