Sunday, September 22, 2013

Real World Matrix Success again

Last year, I did real world matrices done in stations/posters/gallery walk style. I said that my only change would be to give the kids a "passport" of some sort so that they had more responsibility in solving the problems. Thankfully, I remembered that this year so the groups that were finishing early received their passport early, thus keeping them entertained. But of course, there were always the select few who's engagement was not present.

I really love doing this activity because it never fails for kids to show me a way that I hadn't thought of and yet again, it happened, from one of my recovery kids. It was amazing and awesome.

We have dry erase desks, the kids love them. They nearly get covered every day with kids doing their daily check for understandings. They're also great when I want to explain something to one kid so I'm not writing on their homework how to do a problem.

Always encourage the kids to explain/justify their method. It's a really good practice, especially with Common Core.


  1. Perfect timing ... I'm working on lesson plans for matrices ... going to review your stations. Can't wait to see how I might use your great ideas to stretch my students.

    I am curious if you give notes, or instruction before you send students to stations.

    1. This year, I structured it as follows:

      1) Discuss strategies to solving real world problems in general (kids come up with things like READ, highlight important info, etc.)

      2) Do a class example (this can be found in the other post).

      3) Discuss strategies one more time that we used as a class to solve this problem using matrices

      4) Broke the kids up into groups and let them have at their problem/poster

      5) Groups received their passport and were to work on their questions without visiting the posters

      6) Gallery walk. I put post it notes around the room to let the kids give compliments/questions/constructive criticism.

      There you go!

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