Sunday, October 6, 2013

Angry Birds Levels - Shoebox Version

Ah! Here come the quadratics! I'm so excited! So much to do in this unit and well, so little time :( 
I loved doing the Angry Birds Project last year but I felt that it was almost too easy for the kids..... Plus, I know that my kids could make it even better. I remembered doing a shoe box diorama when I was little where my mom and I created a character who could fly through the air (it was a ballerina). Boom, angry birds fly through the air! 
So I've tweaked the project this year and I will now be having my kids produce a shoe box diorama of the level. I've also given myself a new rubric to use.

I'll probably stick with the same warmup I did last year from teacherspayteachers, you can find those details in the old post. But I already recognize that I could easily pile on the additional project discussed by Face the Math.

Pictures to come later!! Ah, I just can't wait!!! Oh, and I'll probably also do graphing parabolas with an MDC - formative assessment as well giving the pre assessment around assigning the project and then do the activity after the kids have been working on the project.


  1. I love your project. I'm using it as an example of project based learning for my Master's course! Thanks so much.

  2. I love you project but it won't let me download without giving my credit card. :(


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