Sunday, October 27, 2013

Around the Room

Sometimes, the kids just need to get out of their seats, like really. They get antsy and with us having classes that are an hour and a half long, I really got to get them moving. I remembered reading about this cool idea to use QR codes around the room to get the kids to solve problems by scanning the problem onto their iPad, thus moving them around the room. Well, not all my kids have a smart phone so not everyone can use the QR code so back to the idea of okay, how can I get them moving.

Around the room is basically an activity where the kids solve the problem on their paper and find the answer elsewhere on a different question. Once they have found the solution to their problem, they have to solve the problem on their new paper. The first person to correctly tell me the order and show me all their work (SO KEY), wins the prize, typically a homework pass (from Vistaprint).

I've uploaded two of the Around the Rooms I've used this year, one with Quadratics and one with Law of Cosine/Sine. In the title, I've included the correct loop.

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