Friday, October 25, 2013

Birthday Baseball Parabola

So we're just now finishing our unit on quadratics and I was trying to come up with a good way to have the kids get challenged while reviewing the content. Then I remembered how I had my trig kids complete the birthday polynomial activity. I then wanted to combine this with the review baseball card concept and poof! I ended up with the baseball card below.
I like to be cheesy so I put things like Home Field (domain/range) and Opening Day (Direction of Opening). After the kids created each of their own birthday parabolas, they then had to play "some games" or "match ups." Their first matchup was with my birthday parabola. A matchup basically consisted of solving the system of the two parabolas, even if the solutions were complex. Through their own personal baseball card and their "match ups," they reviewed nearly every concept except for inequalities and discriminants.
I added transformations during the activity so this is the not updated version of my own parabola.
Overall, I got some good results. A student even exclaimed that she really liked the activity (this is atypical for this child). The cool part is that most of my kids are still 90s babies so they had fabulous y-intercepts. But of course, I had a few 2000 babies so their parabolas were slightly easier and everyone wanted to partner up with them.

UPDATE: Idea from below in comments. Can easily be transformed to a basketball theme and soooooo if you happen to be teaching it in March (oh maybe next semester ;) ), you can turn the game portion into a MARCH MADNESS THEME REVIEW DAY!!!!! And the kids can be timed to compete to find the intersection point in each match up!! Ahhh! Love it!


  1. Love this! May borrow your idea ... create a basketball card the first week of November!

  2. Ah! That'd be perfect! You could totally take that and then use it again in March and turn it into a March Madness tournament..... well I just got my self super excited..... Perhaps next semester!


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