Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Positivity! Positive Graffiti Art

Are your kiddos super stressed? Well my kids are. In fact, I get multiple emails a week and they tell me it all the time how stressed out they are! Now, granted, we are on a mastery system and thus, it's a tad bit more stressful on the kiddos, having to get an A in order to move on, etc. Anyways, the freshmen always have the most difficult time with the change as they typically aren't used to the idea that they actually have to do work. I'm getting off topic now.....

Last week during advisory (basically homeroom time), I talked to my kids about taking time for themselves by eating well, sleeping, exercising, and doing something for themselves. I also mentioned how surrounding themselves with positivity would in turn help change their environment in a positive way. In order to spread the positivity, I took my kids outside to draw "positive" art on our sidewalks. Those who wished to not draw, took a lap around the school, some running, some walking, some just taking some space.

Regardless, the kids were semi excited about it. They're teenagers, they're never truly thrilled with me 100% but hey, I loved the positive graffiti.

Oh, and either my mom is awesome or my kids have decided that I should be married. Regardless, I manage to teach math AND how to be awesome. Apparently :)


  1. I'm interested in doing a mastery system next year. Any suggestions/resources?

  2. So I have a post earlier from what I use in my classroom called the Wall of Remediation.

    Essentially, when students do not master the concepts for me, I give them about a total of 3 weeks to compile of the remediation components to qualify for a retest. Check out my post and let me know how else I can help!


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