Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Real World Conics Project

Last year, my Algebra 2 kiddos simply created art through conic sections. This was a part of what we call a Design Challenge and I didn't want it to be too intense. For Algebra 2 this year, I've decided to assign the project at the beginning of the unit as well as add onto it!

I found the idea of having the kids take real life pictures of conics through nature/architecture/every day items and tracing the sections. Easy enough, right? Well, that's part 1 because it can be done rather quickly plus the kids can technically use the pictures they take around the school as our intro. activity (tomorrow). I found this idea from, I believe, a graduate student! Part 2 is the art project that I did last year but they have to choose one of these real life objects from part 1 to make an art piece representing. Part 3 is where the application skills come into play. I found several real world problems from several sources and compiled them into Part 3.

In total, the project becomes 75 points and it's a project that can be worked on throughout the unit! I know the kids will groan as it's more work than last year's project but hey, I have to change something each time I teach it, right?

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