Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Student created Math Posters

This past Monday, we had what was called a Virtual Day. On the virtual day, I gave the kids the job of learning all about law of cosines/sines/Heron's Formula/Law of Sines for Area.... Yeah a lot but of course I created my YouTube videos for each of them and they did an ASSISTment follow up. All good.

From experience, I'm aware that these topics require practice, especially the ever so difficult law of sines with finding that ridiculous ambiguous case..... So to help start us out with the topic, I broke the kids into groups of four and informed them that they now were hired to create math posters that a math teacher might purchase and it was their job to create a poster that contained the following:
-Definition of Formula / Theorem
-How/Why is it Used?

With that, I let them have at it. Now of course, there were some mistakes and we had to clarify a few things but it really helped me see where my kids had some misconceptions based upon what they learned virtually. After I gave the kids about 20 minutes to create their posters, we had Your Turn! time where the kids solve all the problems and check their answers. These are done either in their notebooks / on their desks / or on a dry erase board. Their call.

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