Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This year's Complex Number Book Project Results

I love how you can do a project multiple times and each time you do it, you get different results! The kids are just so creative! This year, we even had a puppet show! Oh, and this year, I added an additional component of needing to include a real life application into their story.

I always love being in the stories. Ironically, I was wearing my hair exactly like that on the day we presented......

We all loved the rhymes in this one :)

Ok, this project was pretty awesome. The child actually hand drew each Batman character and then was able to do some sort of program and digitized it! I'm keeping my electronic copy.

The kids had to explain to me who this 'Caillou' was.....

It was PUPPET SHOW time!!!!!!

The bar has now been raised for these projects. I think I'm going to update the rubric soon too....... Maybe.....


  1. Do you have a post that explains your project?

  2. Why yes, the project description can be found here!


  3. how many days did you give the students to complete their story books? and was the work on them predominantly completed at home or during school?

    1. I gave my kids approximately 1.5 work days in class (but our classes are an hour and a half long) but we also answered homework questions and I had them complete a peer review. But a bulk of the work was to be completed at home :) Hope this helps!


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