Sunday, November 3, 2013

Angry Birds Shoebox Edition.... the amazing results!

They're here! They're finally here! A couple weeks ago, I posted about this year's Angry Birds Project and how I was inspired to have the kids do shoebox dioramas. Well, this past week, on Halloween, the kids turned in their projects and once again, they blow me away!

This year, the tweaks I made were to the rubric (my apologies, it says rate not range in the grade rubric, I'll fix it soon) and the fact that the kids had to create a 3-D model of the angry birds level through a diorama. I loved this option because not all of my kids like to draw as much as I do so this allowed for kids to be able to build a level out of other materials. Below are the results!

These were some of the first ones turned in that day. By second period, I had to start storing these under my table otherwise they wouldn't have been able to see me. I need to take a closeup shot of the diorama on the bottom right. Apparently, the girls' father had to saw the obstacles to help them be the perfect height. As you can see, it also has cuts in the back wall allowing for the angry bird to fly (this was a requirement this time around).

We have these display shelves in our halls so I decided to store some of my favorites there to proudly show off to the school. The kids were laughing at me about how excited I was to be having these projects turned in!

This poor girl was burned by the hot glue gun when hand making her characters. Should probably have a disclaimer for the creation of these projects.

 These girls had the silver rings of keychains (you can slightly see them on the top) act as a flying system on the top of their box to allow the birds to fly.

The two sports represented the two levels in this group of three.

Again, one of my girls hand created her characters. These little guys were sewn, yes that's right. This is a close up and it doesn't do them justice.

I loved the legos :) This clearly had a halloween theme.

According to this child, he needed to hire a new architect (mom).

I issued a challenge for someone to create a level that incorporated water. Challenge accepted. I was amused.

As you can see in the rubric, the kids were graded with a decent combo between mathematical accuracy and creativity. It was a requirement to have a bird flying through the air and this was always a cool challenge to see how they got this to happen in their projects.

Go ahead, be that math teachers that issues probably too many projects. They can be a pain in the butt to grade sometimes but I love the challenge associated with the projects. I think this project does a great job of focusing on domain/range restrictions. It's always such a struggle for my kids


  1. Some of the other Algebra 2 Teachers at my school and I will be using your project! Our county had come up with a project revolving around Angry Birds, but yours seems a lot more challenging and interesting for the kids. I admire all the hard work you put into your teaching!

    1. That's awesome! I'm so glad to hear that it'll be used and would love to hear if you tweak/change anything and how it works! Let me know how it goes and thanks again for your kind words!


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