Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cheaper Teacher Mobile Organizers

It's the holiday season! Well almost.... anyways my last name sometimes gets the best of me so I started early plus my school is officially on Thanksgiving break so I have used my time, so far in one day, to clean a bit, decorate a bit, and build potential classroom organizers....

While down in Dayton for some PD, I made a roadtrip down to Ikea where I purchased a lovely bed for my guest room, post to follow later, along with this charming Kitchen Utility Cart that I can't decide if it'll be a classroom cart or a laundry room cart. I just love the color!

But then, I was at Big Lots and I saw one of those teacher organizers that usually run for $80 for $29 at Big Lots. Sure, it was off brand but it still looks just as good, plus, I love the colors!

Now, my debate begins. Which one will make it to the classroom? I can see the value in both. Although the Ikea one was more expensive, it is FAR MORE sturdy. But the Big Lots one has so many drawers! Thoughts?


  1. I have the one from Big Lots in my classroom, because it has 10 drawers and I use it for Monday thru Friday worksheets or notes, I plan to give my classes. I use to have 2 preps last year so it worked well, 5 days 2 classes. I only have 1 prep this year so I use it for 2 weeks of planned work.

    1. I'm thinking I will be using that one for the classroom too (the Ikea one made it's way to the basement in my laundry room) but I'm still debating it's purpose. I'm thinking of a turning in paper station. I just love how cost effective it was!


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