Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ferris Wheel as a formative assessment lesson

I've posted previously about formative assessment lessons as well as creating a "desk poster" during these activities and I did another one with my Trig kids this week. During the past week, we've been working on graphing our trig functions. On Wednesday, we did the Ferris Wheel lesson and I absolutely loved it! For so long, I've dreaded the question of where are these equations/graphs ever used with my inability to always have an answer. Well, now the kids had their ah hah moments and it was because they could connect the ideas of a cosine curve to the motion of a ferris wheel!

Overall, I felt like it was a great lesson and it truly helped relate the idea that the cosine curve is truly just the unraveling of the unit circle, now represented as a unit circle. My kids made tons of progress and by the end of the week, they have now made so many connections! The strategies that my kids used during this activity were all so different and it really allowed for us to have a great conversation!

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