Sunday, November 3, 2013

Piecewise Art!

I love art. It's really no surprise to my kids when they get assigned an art project. Especially for my Trig kids who all had me in Algebra 2. Basically, they did this project for me last year with Conic Sections but I made it Trig friendly to incorporate the idea of a piecewise function. I also gave the group option like I do in my Angry Bird Project.

This project also got assigned while I had a sub so it was a good project to have them work on for the two days that I was gone. Plus, it's on them when the project isn't done because they didn't use their time wisely. But I mean, my kids always use their time wisely :)

Yeah, that big poster? That was their project, god I'm in love. I want it framed.
Here's a better look at it!

Overall, loved the project especially for a sub day but I wish I would have done a bit more review on how transformations affect equations. This would have helped with the freshly learned rational functions.

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