Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Algebra 1 INB - Rational Expressions

Oh my goodness, I know it has been an extremely long time and so much has happened!


Okay, so as soon as I found this out, I had my little panic of not being prepared but then I got myself into gear and recalled all the wonderful resources out there.

In fact, I decided to do an INB with my kiddos and so far, so good.

One topic that had not been addressed in the resources that I found was the idea of rational expressions. Now, we're introducing the topic to our kids and revisiting it later. For now, our kids are just using GCF to help reduce. No factoring trinomials (we learn that later).

So for those notes, here's what I did.....

I then had to figure out how to do some examples..... I started writing them out then realized, it'd be easier to keep with the pace and provide a piece of paper for the kids to glue..... so I did!

I'll upload the doc later... I really just needed to post because (1) I felt bad and (2) I need the digital files of the notes for the kids and (3) I wanted to share the news about Algebra 1.

Okay! I'll be back soon... I promise....

TOLD YOU I'D BE BACK!!!! Here's the file!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New TPT Product Available! - My Passwords

August. How I really don't care for thee..... It means it's time to start hard core prep. Well, something that I am determined (gung ho if you will) to do is to place an emphasis on organization with my homeroom (advisory). One aspect of organization is the idea that kids need to keep their passwords organized. Because lord knows, your computer doesn't always have your passwords saved..... They are always surprised when this happens ;)

So, I've made a simply darling password saver (handout) and it's now available on TPT!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Target coupon = more free school supplies!

If you get the target mobile coupons like above, you'll notice $1 off two up and up school supplies. Like last time, I went for the three pronged folders which are 50 cents a piece but I'm sure you can get creative and find other supplies!

I'm still not sure what I'll do with all these folders.... Maybe make class folders for each section. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pallet Herb Garden Adventure

I've been keeping very busy this summer doing this and doing that. Well one thing that I wanted to do was make an herb garden. Perhaps this would start to inspire my cooking fresh? The thought counts, right?

Any ways, I found a pallet herb garden on Pinterest and from that moment. I was inspired.

All it took was 2 pallets and some elbow grease. I figured out where I wanted the spaces to be, removed some boards and then had to add some to the underside of the garden boxes.

The expensive part was actually the buying of the herbs part. After lining the garden boxes with some weed fabric (that black fabric at the plant store), it came time to plant the herbs. I won't disclose the cost of the herbs because I'm quite disappointed in myself.

Then came the fun part of being artsy and writing out the names of the herbs and TA DA!!!

Hopefully I can be a good herb mom and keep these babies alive :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Basement Overhaul! ~ On a Budget

Guess What!
(And Yes, I'm sorry this is not a teacher related / school related blog post. But hey, we have real lives in the summer, right?)

The basement furniture/overhaul (on a budget) is complete! There are only a few more minor details left so I finally feel like I can share with the world what has consumed my last 2.5 weekends.....

But before I show you what I (and by I, I mean we, as in boyfriend (60%) and me (40%)) completed.

This is what I was "competing" with in the previous homeowners' basement. As you can see, they placed the "couch chair" things (lounges maybe) in the nook and the entertainment unit on the wall across (because it's previously wired for surround sound. They had finished the basement during their ownership so boyfriend was very grateful that he did not need to do the whole wiring.

And this is my blank slate, aka, what it looked like when I moved in. Now, if you recall, I moved in last April. Since then, it's become my storage space for throwing whatever doesn't have a home. It was getting bad.....

The basement is actually a very nice space in my condo. It's by far the coldest room, making me very happy in my summer times. And it also gets me out of my bedroom. Apparently I have a bad habit of using my bedroom as my personal office/dining room table/sleeping/etc. I'm working on breaking this.... as I type the post in bed.....

Now let's get started on what we did. The rules were as follows...

We had a budget. Originally, it was $500 and then I increased it to a total of $600 to include decorations along with the furniture. To make the furniture/overhaul cost effective, we were also to use readily available reclaimed barn wood. I've got my sources ;)

We had roles. Boyfriend was in charge of the logistics of how to build and I was in charge of the budget/finances. Together, we designed and combined ideas for the furniture. We butted heads a bit on this part because we both had some differing ideas. I'm good with budget being a math teacher and he's good at spending people's money. He's handy and knows how to use tools, me? I'm good at measuring and being taught how to use tools.

We had three major pieces of furniture to build in the following order: 1) couch 2) entertainment unit and 3) bar. Things were to be built in that order so that we could enjoy the progress throughout. AKA, we rented a redbox to watch a movie down in the basement one night... we like our theater.

First up, the couch. Now the couch was a bit of a stroke of genius. You see, a few months back, I got a new mattress (another bargain might I add) leaving me with my college mattress/foundation. It sat and sat and sat even though I was told repeatedly to call up Volunteers of America to donate the furniture. Clearly, my gut knew better. Boyfriend and I were discussing how the couch could be built starting off with the idea of the pallet couch we've seen on pinterest only to discover how incredibly expensive foam was leading boyfriend to the idea of using the college mattress for it's free foam. Now, I didn't exactly like the idea of cutting up the mattress so we continued to stew until suddenly... it came to us... We would use the foundation/mattress as the base of the couch and build the arms/back so that it would go around and slightly above!

Mr Sonny had a cape made for him with the extra fabric

As you can see, the reclaimed wood serves as the arm and actually has about 8 inches of space on the back end for "coffee table" purposes. These 8 inches goes over the mattress making it actually not look like a huge queen mattress. Another component that we liked about our design was that we placed casters on the bottom of the foundation so that we can wheel out the mattress and turn this into a guest bed whenever we need!

This piece was by far the most difficult and most expensive of all the pieces. Here's the breakdown of cost.

Home Depot / Lowes - $115 [Nails / Plywood (for inside of arms and inside of back) / Wood (for frame that no one sees) / L Brackets galore!]

Old Time Pottery - $150 [2 Queen Sheet Sets / 1 King Sheet Set / 1 Foam Topper Mattress Pad (This is actually used to pad the inside of the arms of the couch and the back that you lean on) / 2 King Pillows / 4 Euro Pillows / 4 Standard Pillows]

West Elm - $60 [Euro Pillow Covers - I know, these were pricey but I loved them]

Target - $30 [Coral Decor Pillows]

Total ~ $355 (The bulk of the budget was for the couch)

The biggest help in the cost of the couch was Old Time Pottery. We got super cheap sheet sets so that we could use the fabric from the king to upholster the couch and now we have guest sheets from the queen sheet extras (the fitted Queen sheets cover the foundation and mattress).

Mr Sonny loves this couch.

Next up, the entertainment unit. one of the first things that we had to do for this piece of furniture was hang the tv so that we could figure out spacing of the wood. This piece of furniture happened to be our cheapest because we only had to use the free wood we had along with nails/brackets. The more expensive aspect of this part of the project was the decor..... Did you know there is an art to shelving?

Ignore the mass amount of wires that I can't yet figure out.

The entertainment unit, itself, is framed by two large beams that have the original slots in them from holding up other beams in the barn. There are three shelves that were built into these slots each with initially one board. The bottom two shelves then were given additional width to their shelves to accommodate more storage space (still no DVDs will be on these shelves). After adding more boards to the bottom shelves, we needed additional support so we added two small blocks from the beams that were cut off previously.

Home Depot / Lowes - $40 [More Nails (needed other sizes) / More Brackets (needed signifiant support)

Let's analyze the cost of the decor, shall we?

Old Hardback Books - Free!
1907 Westinghouse Fan (purchased at the Goodwill) - Cost not Included because Purchased by Boyfriend [Fan is pretty awesome though, it used to be nicknamed the Tank because the base is made of cast iron and the blades of brass]

Globe (Target) - $15
6 Decorative Bottles - $70
Old Irons (one was made of cast iron) - Cost not Included because Purchased by Boyfriend [This is the last cost contributed by boyfriend. He didn't like my extreme budgeting so he decided these were "donations."]

Mason Jars of Various Sizes (Goodwill) - 99 cents a piece = $5
Fillers of Mason Jars - FREE! I actually filled the Mason Jars with the rusty nails/bolts/screws from cleaning up the reclaimed wood. One Mason Jar has the black piano keys from a piano that was leftover in the barn. I love these jars because I feel that they pay homage to the Barn

Total Cost of Entertainment Unit (Including Decor) ~ $130 This cost was lowered thanks to the tv already being owned by myself as well as the surround sound already being owned by boyfriend. Boyfriend did actually have a lot of things to contribute to this project, just wait til we get to the bar....

The last piece of furniture of the Overhaul was the bar. This is the one last aspect of the basement that still has the smallest task left to complete. Thankfully, by the time we got to the bar, our multiple trips to the Home Depot were near complete and left us with many materials for the bar (aka nails). So again, the bar was relatively in expensive at this point.

I like to think that the basement is Rustic Modern and it has a level of sophistication that can be found in the shelving of the entertainment unit as well as the bar. There was much compromise that had to happen in this part of the project, but it all came together. We started off by building the back shelving pieces using old Horse Door Boards. We actually used the original hinge/chain system of the boards to hold in the top shelf on either side. After these pieces were complete (including the bartender shelf to mix up concoctions), we moved onto the counter area. Then, after building the counter and the base out of 4x4 posts, we started at the empty face of the bar. Originally, we talked about doing various boards on the front but I began to grow afraid of having a log cabin in my basement. I then decided I really wanted those awesome large tile back splash / ceiling tiles that you see made of metal and cool designs. Off to Lowes' we went only to discover how ridiculous these tiles were! $20 per large tile and we'd need four!!! Alas, Boyfriend had an idea. We found a sheet of aluminum for $10 that I then spent 2 hours HAND hammering and boom, that's all me baby.

Shelving under the Bar Counter.

Waterford Crystal Bowl found at a Goodwill for $20
Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails Book on Amazon for $18 [used Discover Cashback Bonus]
Mason Jar Shaker - $9 [Goodwill Mason Jar and I found a cheap Mason Jar Shaker Top for $8]
Gramophone - Already Had ;)

Additional Shelving found on the far end of the bar. I also had to get a close up shot of my handy work. Hammering aluminum was no easy task!

Now, surprisingly, the bar was the least expensive with only about $30 at Lowe's (including multiple trips for bracket buying) and $30 spent on bar accessories. The glassware/bar mats/towels were all free courtesy of boyfriend. See! He did have quite a bit to contribute to this realm...

Grant Total of Basement Overhaul ~ $545

Well? What do you think? I must say, I'm more enticed to go down to my basement now ;)

Sonny is really tired of me taking pictures / blogging late at night.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Being a Teacher Means Being Thrifty

Hi! How are you? What's new?

Oh goodness, halfway through summer and these last few weeks, I've really allowed myself for Me Time. And by Me Time, I mean, doing things for myself, not necessarily my classroom or my career which starts back up in just under a month......

Aside from building basement furniture.... (Post to follow) Boyfriend and I have enjoyed being thrifty with one another.

The Couple who Thrifts together stays together.

Let's share a few things we've found, shall we?

First off, let me explain one of my current inspirations. I've been inspired to make a cost effective yet stylish bar cart. I'll be heading to Ikea this weekend and will continue that pursuit. I've got some pretty inspirations pinned.

I'm leaning towards the two that are on the outside (a $25 utility cart at Ikea) that I will spray paint. One aspect to a bar cart is some awesome barware.... Anyone else really like those Mad Men Cocktail Sets that Don Draper has in his office? Yeah, me too, except gold isn't really my color....

Well I was cruising around the local Goodwill and BAM. I saw these guys. I stared at them for a while and debated. I had just put forth a good portion of money in the basement update as well as another thrifty project (details soon). Walking away, I instantly regretted my decision. I couldn't sleep. I wanted those glasses.

So the next morning, I appeared at the Goodwill pretty soon after they opened hoping that they would still be waiting for me....

They were.... They just needed a little love....

Took some of the tarnish off and I'll just give them a good ol' hand wash.

Dorothy Thorpe style Silver Rimmed Glassware - 99 cents a piece [5 glasses of each size] = $20

Don Draper, you won't have nothing on me ;) Now, I just need a few pieces to finish up and complete my bar set.... ice bucket anyone?

Oh, I also got these decorative plates for 99cents a piece. I figured they'd be good for something on my bar cart ;) Stay tuned for my bar cart!

Second, thrifty moment of my week was my adventure to Target. I had read one of my daily Frugal Blogs about getting free folders at Target. And Voila! The best trip to Target EVER! I can sincerely say that I never would have expected to have a bill with a total of $0.00!!!

Three FREE Pronged Folders! Not sure what I'll use them for but free school supplies never hurt anyone :) I feel like when I'm a mom, one day super far a way, I'll secretly do this for school supply shopping with my kids......

My third thrifty moment is possibly my favorite. By far, the absolute best deal that I've ever done..... 

Boyfriend is a huge fan of Japanese Kitchen Knives, Shun Knives to be exact. These knives are quite pricey and I had convinced him to wait until they were wedding registry gifts (assuming no one would ever buy them). After all, each nice runs for around $200 a piece....

Now wait, Miss Rudolph, how could you get a thrifty deal on knives that run for $200 a piece??

Goodwill, my friend, Goodwill. That's right! God truly must be looking after us right now because boyfriend spotted them and $25 later.... we had 5 Shun knives.....

Add $30 for the sharpening/cleaning by professionals and we just got a pretty nice set of knives for $55.

Typically, these knives (this set in particular) would be around $900 not on sale!!!

Isn't being thrifty fun?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Unit Circle Art!

Finally! I am getting around to this post. I'm actually really proud of the results of this project and I am so sorry that it took so long to get around to!

Last year, I had the kids do a Real World Trig Functions Project where they created a collage of real world pictures featuring the Trig Functions and Solved some Real World Problems. Well, this time around, I had them do those two things as well but this time, I added a part 1, an artistic representation of the Unit Circle!!

Hello Kitty Puzzle

The results were great! (See more results below) And I think one of the contributions to this part being so wonderful was the fact that for each part of the project, I had varying due dates which made this rather large project manageable. Each project was due within about a week of one another (typically after we were done learning about the topic for a while - Unit Circle / Shapes of Trigonometric Functions / Solving Trigonometric Equations.

Below are also the instructions/rubric that I gave to the kids. Apparently, they were decent enough instructions because the kids understood what they were doing. Pretty much, they are just check boxes (a concept which I love doing on my instructions and my To Do Lists in my word docs.

Part 1: You are to create an artistic representation of The Unit Circle

¨ Using your choice of medium (if you think your medium is not school appropriate or would make Miss Rudolph frown, please get prior consent)
¨ Your display should include all the angles in degrees/radians. Please be sure to measure the angles with a protractor to ensure accuracy of your scale representation
¨ Also include sine, cosine, and tangent values for EACH degree
¨ Fewer points may be given if your object is already a circle or it appears you put forth very little effort.
¨ Be creative and have fun!
¨ You may receive bonus points for going “above and beyond” 

Points Possible

Neat / Organized / Legible Labeling

Creativity / Uniqueness

Evidence of Effort

Total Points: ____ / 30

The helicopter was possibly one of the more impressive representations. The propeller actually spun!

I'm always a fan of some good old fashioned drawing and I love how this was a a good combo of biology meeting math. This could be a good way to further incorporate outside subject areas.

 Okay, the kids know I like to eat.....

Yep, that's right, hand sewn unit circle.

Origami Style!

Two of my boys liked the pizza idea. You can kind of see the other result on the right hand side of this picture.

This will for sure be hanging in my room next year.

Yes, you are seeing correct. Teenagers know how to sew! Quite well!

Lastly, this student presented their Unit Circle by creating a CAD model and printing it off of our 3-D printer.... LOVE TECHNOLOGY!!! I was madly impressed by this one.

Oh and here's a pretty awesome Stop Motion that one of my kids made....

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

An Inspired Linear Programming Foldable

I've been inspired. Well, for a long time now, to create a foldable for linear programming. I couldn't find one that I liked until bam, I saw pictures... but no file.

So there I was and sought to make my own. 8 hours later.....

Boom, I have one!

For Sale Now on TPT.

This is probably one of the most difficult foldables that I've ever made. It took some serious strategizing on how to get things to line up just right, but never fear, I was still determined! This foldable covers all the basics from vocab, graphing, vertices, max / min, real world problems.

Check it out!

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