Friday, January 31, 2014

Quadratic Who Am I?

When I was student teaching (what seems forever ago), I was once upon a time placed in a 7th grade classroom. In this classroom, I did many activities. One of them is even published on here and is perhaps my most popular post. Another activity I did was the Who Am I or Who Has activity. Back then, I did it for expressing mathematical expressions into English terminology (a concept that my kids still struggle with but I know they have seen before).

So, I wanted to do this again, but this time, with something that I currently teach and many people teach, Quadratics. The following version of Who Am I? reviews many different aspects of Quadratics:
- Roots / X-Intercepts / Solutions
-Vertices / Axis of Symmetry
-Domain / Range
-Transformations (Left/Right/Up/Down)
-Direction of Opening
-Methods of Solving Quadratics

How Who Am I is played:

1) Teacher starts by reading the question on card 1. (Do not read the I am statement)

2) Student who has the answer to the question read by teacher reads their I am statement.

3) After reading their I am statement, student reads their question.

The cycle continues until it is finally looped back to the teacher.

There are a total of 30 cards and the first card should be started by the teacher. It'll do a full loop (it is in order here) and end with the teacher's I am statement [aka, teacher should start by reading the question]. I chose the teacher statement because it's actually a great critical thinking question to land on.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my little review game! I think it'd be a great way to review the general concepts of Quadratics.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Window / Wall of Mastery

Something that I'm always proud of is the fact that when my kids get mastery (90% or above) on their tests, they are excited to not only get the good grade..... but to get to show it off.

This is one of my walls in my classroom. A wall of windows. On the left side of the window is my wall of masterpieces. The names on the window (color coordinated) were the names of the students who on a unit test, got mastery. Now, every couple of weeks, I have to wash my windows when a new unit test rolls around but for a few weeks, these kids proudly display their hard work.

Kids who recover my class are that much more motivated and excited to get on the wall. This J-Term, I teach a recovery class. 5 weeks with the kids who still have yet to pass my class. Most of the kids are in my class for the third time and this term, it's been the first time they've ever been on the window. I even let them write their own names.

Be proud of your kids. They'll be excited and extrinsically motivated to get on the Window of Mastery.

Oh and did you see that sunrise? Gorgeous! Makes me appreciate life that much more.

p.s. the right side of the window is usually empty side from current activities/projects/ and in this case, the wall of Unit Circle Mastery. The unit circle was mastered by 50 kids so I wouldn't have had room for all the names.....

Methods of Factoring Poster

Methods of Factoring

Here are the last of my posters that I created this past weekend in my boredom. I know I will miss this soon :( We only have a week and two days left of J-Term and in this past week, we've had two cold days. My kids are starting to feel the pressure of the end of J-Term and their stress stresses me out. 

So instead, I shall keep trying to find other things to work on.... like planning for my days where I have a substitute this upcoming term (yep, I will for sure be out another 8 days for PD training as an MDC coach).

Voila, the methods of factoring! I probably could again have gone into more detail but they just looked too pretty :) I love all the free fonts out there.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Graphing Quadratics Graphic Organizer

In my time of boredom, I continue to scour TeachersPayTeachers for idea and search the seas of Pinterest for further thoughts. I came across this graphic organizer for quadratics that looked really cool but again, I'm not going to pay $2 for something that I could make myself and then contain the content that I actually wanted the organizer to have. So I sat and pouted for about five minutes then I remembered.......

A few days ago, I had come across this course guide and thought it was fabulous! I even made my own for next term. But more than that, I decided that it was the perfect set up for a graphic organizer. So here is the results! A graphic organizer that gives some of the basics about graphing and the different forms of the equations. On the back is a your turn so that the kids can take a turn to analyze and graph a quadratic.

I've uploaded the PDF version to scribd (below) but I can also email out the powerpoint so that you can personalize it further, but warning, I used the fonts described in the blog post about the cool course guide.

TPT Link:
Note: The original version has a spelling error. It has been fixed and you can now find this on TPT!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Properties of Radicals Posters

I must be on a classroom decoration kick! Well, ever since I made my Probability Posters, I decided why not make other posters? I mean, it's pretty easy to do.... So I made two more... here's the first of the two more that I made. Properties of Radicals!

Properties of Radicals Posters

Friday, January 24, 2014

Probability Posters

So in my J-Term freedom, I've decided to work on several tasks, hw, tests, remediation, projects, but I've run out of things to do.... So that left me to pinterest and pinterest led me to more teacher things. And eventually, I found some really cool ideas but of course, they're always on teachers pay teachers and I have a problem with paying for something that I know I can make myself. So I was inspired to make my own chevron probability posters! Per usual, I will make mine free on scribd.

Here are some of the posters!

I might go back later and add some more details onto some of the posters..... like explaining P(A|B). In advance, some of the images used were from clipart and other websites but the posters do not cost anything so I do not profit.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


I'm so excited! I've been working the past 3 weeks on preparing for my Spring Term classes by getting new homework assignments ready, getting the class website updated, and now, I've been updating the projects! I even decided to invest in a teacherspayteachers project for one of them....

New Projects Coming Soon.....

- False Advertising & Combinations (A take from the Wendy's Project but with a new twist of research and creativity)

- Creative Compositions (This is from my momma)

- Zombia Apocalypse (I'll post the results from this teacherspayteachers project)

-Unit Circle Art Project (I refuse to pay $7 for this one on teacherspayteachers so I made my own)

-Updated Parent Function Project

But of course, I shouldn't post details without student results..... maybe I will soon because I'm so excited.... I'm also running out of things to do in order to prepare for spring term...... uh oh..... I guess that means I'll end up making more homework for the kids.... oh they will hate me....

Monday, January 20, 2014

Missed me much?

Wowza, I've taken quite the break in the past almost 2 months!!! My apologies! In the last two months, I've gone on winter break and started J-Term (I think I've posted about this before....) and now I'm currently enjoying my J-Term to the fullest!

Today was MLK day and let's see what did I accomplish.....
1) Made carnitas tacos for dinner (crock pot baby)
2) Made beercheese soup for lunch (and leftovers for other lunches/meals)
3) Cleaned the baseboards of my condo
4) Worked out
5) Watched the latest episode of Revenge
oh and I did sleep in......

J-Term is fabulous and it's an amazing break from the every day craze that is our job. I just saw a wonderful graphic illustrating the hours we put forth as teachers. I'll share below:

Over the last 2 weeks of J-Term, I've managed to accomplish quite a bit. I've created all my homework assignments for next term on ASSISTments so that I can actually do a fabulous job of monitoring these and inputing the grade on Power School. I've also made most of retests on this fabulous tool so that I can do less grading myself. OH! In other news, I'll be continuing my job as a MDC coach again this term! I'm super excited for this challenge as I have no idea where it'll be taking me!

I do have another post to make.... but I've been enjoying my time too much :( I'll work on it.... I promise! Cause guess what..... I'm teaching Algebra 2 again next term!!! Woohoo!!! More Algebra 2!

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