Monday, January 27, 2014

Graphing Quadratics Graphic Organizer

In my time of boredom, I continue to scour TeachersPayTeachers for idea and search the seas of Pinterest for further thoughts. I came across this graphic organizer for quadratics that looked really cool but again, I'm not going to pay $2 for something that I could make myself and then contain the content that I actually wanted the organizer to have. So I sat and pouted for about five minutes then I remembered.......

A few days ago, I had come across this course guide and thought it was fabulous! I even made my own for next term. But more than that, I decided that it was the perfect set up for a graphic organizer. So here is the results! A graphic organizer that gives some of the basics about graphing and the different forms of the equations. On the back is a your turn so that the kids can take a turn to analyze and graph a quadratic.

I've uploaded the PDF version to scribd (below) but I can also email out the powerpoint so that you can personalize it further, but warning, I used the fonts described in the blog post about the cool course guide.

TPT Link:
Note: The original version has a spelling error. It has been fixed and you can now find this on TPT!


  1. Thank you for this organizer!!

  2. This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing! Would it be possible to get the editable version?

  3. This is great! Any chance you could email editable version?


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