Monday, January 20, 2014

Missed me much?

Wowza, I've taken quite the break in the past almost 2 months!!! My apologies! In the last two months, I've gone on winter break and started J-Term (I think I've posted about this before....) and now I'm currently enjoying my J-Term to the fullest!

Today was MLK day and let's see what did I accomplish.....
1) Made carnitas tacos for dinner (crock pot baby)
2) Made beercheese soup for lunch (and leftovers for other lunches/meals)
3) Cleaned the baseboards of my condo
4) Worked out
5) Watched the latest episode of Revenge
oh and I did sleep in......

J-Term is fabulous and it's an amazing break from the every day craze that is our job. I just saw a wonderful graphic illustrating the hours we put forth as teachers. I'll share below:

Over the last 2 weeks of J-Term, I've managed to accomplish quite a bit. I've created all my homework assignments for next term on ASSISTments so that I can actually do a fabulous job of monitoring these and inputing the grade on Power School. I've also made most of retests on this fabulous tool so that I can do less grading myself. OH! In other news, I'll be continuing my job as a MDC coach again this term! I'm super excited for this challenge as I have no idea where it'll be taking me!

I do have another post to make.... but I've been enjoying my time too much :( I'll work on it.... I promise! Cause guess what..... I'm teaching Algebra 2 again next term!!! Woohoo!!! More Algebra 2!

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