Thursday, January 23, 2014


I'm so excited! I've been working the past 3 weeks on preparing for my Spring Term classes by getting new homework assignments ready, getting the class website updated, and now, I've been updating the projects! I even decided to invest in a teacherspayteachers project for one of them....

New Projects Coming Soon.....

- False Advertising & Combinations (A take from the Wendy's Project but with a new twist of research and creativity)

- Creative Compositions (This is from my momma)

- Zombia Apocalypse (I'll post the results from this teacherspayteachers project)

-Unit Circle Art Project (I refuse to pay $7 for this one on teacherspayteachers so I made my own)

-Updated Parent Function Project

But of course, I shouldn't post details without student results..... maybe I will soon because I'm so excited.... I'm also running out of things to do in order to prepare for spring term...... uh oh..... I guess that means I'll end up making more homework for the kids.... oh they will hate me....

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