Saturday, January 25, 2014

Properties of Radicals Posters

I must be on a classroom decoration kick! Well, ever since I made my Probability Posters, I decided why not make other posters? I mean, it's pretty easy to do.... So I made two more... here's the first of the two more that I made. Properties of Radicals!

Properties of Radicals Posters


  1. What size are these posters? Do you print them yourself or have them printed?

    Thanks. I enjoy your blog and have passed many of your ideas to other math teachers in my district.

    1. I just print them off as 8x11 because I already have a bit of decoration posted around my room. Plus, this encourages the kids to get off their butts and actually look at the content :) I print them off myself at our school and then I take them to get them laminated at Lakeshore Learning Center because it's really rather inexpensive!

      Glad to hear that you enjoy the blog and hopefully I can continue to provide some content for you to share!

  2. Love these! Would you be willing to share these with me via email?


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