Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Window / Wall of Mastery

Something that I'm always proud of is the fact that when my kids get mastery (90% or above) on their tests, they are excited to not only get the good grade..... but to get to show it off.

This is one of my walls in my classroom. A wall of windows. On the left side of the window is my wall of masterpieces. The names on the window (color coordinated) were the names of the students who on a unit test, got mastery. Now, every couple of weeks, I have to wash my windows when a new unit test rolls around but for a few weeks, these kids proudly display their hard work.

Kids who recover my class are that much more motivated and excited to get on the wall. This J-Term, I teach a recovery class. 5 weeks with the kids who still have yet to pass my class. Most of the kids are in my class for the third time and this term, it's been the first time they've ever been on the window. I even let them write their own names.

Be proud of your kids. They'll be excited and extrinsically motivated to get on the Window of Mastery.

Oh and did you see that sunrise? Gorgeous! Makes me appreciate life that much more.

p.s. the right side of the window is usually empty side from current activities/projects/ and in this case, the wall of Unit Circle Mastery. The unit circle was mastered by 50 kids so I wouldn't have had room for all the names.....

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