Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Around the Room - Adding/Subtracting/Multiplying Polynomials

Ah yes, to get my kids moving around is always a glorious glorious task. Sometimes, the kids whine because they have to get up but then if you don't get them moving, they whine about sitting still. Regardless, I need days where they are practicing the content and moving around. I am not a huge fan of lecture (I get it, I have to do it sometimes) but I much prefer my kids practicing while I am there so that I can help catch those misconceptions and find a way to not perpetuate them. Here's just another strategy focusing on adding/subtracting/multiplying polynomials. I can actually do this with multiple grade levels because this is my first review concept for my trig kids.

Again, I made a whole bunch of these activities to use this term so I don't have anything to add at the moment with how the lesson went or pictures of them doing the lesson. So stay tuned!

Around the Room Documentation WKST (Available upon Request - I just made a table inside a word doc, I promise :) )

Monday, February 24, 2014

Mad Lib Math - Equations of Parabolas [Conic Sections]

Here comes another inspired product from cruising the internet and refusing to pay for similar lessons. Actually, I found an Equations of Circles Around the Room and a Quadratic Mad Lib and decided to essentially combine the two. And boom, here is the Equations of Parabolas (the conic ones) Mad Lib!

Mad Lib is a fun game where a story is built throughout using essentially random words. In a math class, the random words are actually intentional and based upon the answers that the kids come up with. At the end, the kids should have the same Mad Lib story as I do!

Because mine is in PDF form, you can't edit it but I can always email it to you (thus losing the pretty fonts). The questions come from a Kuta Generator and are intended to be a variety of questions that will better prepare the kids with the various ways that they can be presented information in an effort to write an equation.

Enjoy the mad lib and the silliness that will develop as a result of creating the equations for these parabolas!

Equations of Parabolas Mad Lib

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Wordle as a Class Website Image

So last year at the beginning of the school year, I was working on putting together a class website. Needless to say, it didn't work. Halfway through the school year, I grew sick of how boring the website was and I sought to make it more fun. Now, there a fun cartoons on each unit page (typically they have to do with the topic) and it even has a cool set up. But, on the home page, I seemed to be lacking something. That's when I remembered this program Wordle from college. I had used it to create a background for my Portfolio based upon my teaching portfolio. It looks pretty awesome too (see below). Wordle has a bunch of these cool collages already created (see Trigonometry one above).

So that's when I started thinking about how I could make my own for Algebra 2. I quickly copied and pasted every single learning target that we cover during a term into the wordle box and BAM! This is what it created :)

I think it looks fabulous and I love how it focuses on the words that most commonly appear in what you type. It really places a nice emphasis on the content that we will be covering over the term.

What can you wordle?

Monday, February 17, 2014

Walk Around Graphing Quadratics Stations

Eh, why not post two postings in one day? I think I can give you that little treat ;)

Graphing quadratics, ah what a beautiful activity. But why is it so hard? I like to think that for my kids, this is one of the first functions that they graph that doesn't have a constant rate making it so difficult but it's also the struggle of following the order of operations.
Anyways, I always break it into a multiple day lesson and have it end with a formative assessment lesson and angry birds project. This will be good at the beginning of the topic because it gets my kids thinking about all the steps to graphing.
Once I've done the lesson with my kids, I'll post back results. Warning, scribd is making it look like the graphs are popping out of the box but I promise, I just tested the download and it's working just fine. The file contains both the copies for students to record their work and the 6 station signs.

TPT Link:

Solving Basic Trigonometric Equations Task Cards / Speed Dating

Wow, I'm truly on a task card/speed dating marathon! I actually have a lot in store coming up (I just don't have the pictures of the kids doing them or my thoughts because we just started a new term). Anyways, for some reason, my kids also have a rough time starting to solve basic trig equations. I warn them that in their next class, they'll be doing solving mixed with recognizing identities at the same time. So, I clearly want to make sure they are strong at solving these equations.

I shall update this post once I have tried it out with my kids :)

TPT Link:

Solving Basic Trigonometric Equations Task Cards

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Classroom Supply Deals of the Weekend!

Oh my goodness! Thank you Elementary School teachers for celebrating the 100th day of school! As a result of this wonderful "holiday" there are a few spots that I had to stop to get their leftover clearance items for my own classroom!

At Target, there were several items in the One Spot shop and the black star items were 70% off! If you know Target sales, these items don't last long. I got 2 packs of black dry erase markers for 30 cents a piece! So I got 13 packs..... They also had these adorable happy birthday certificates for 30 cents and these colorful classroom borders for 90 cents! They also had their Valentine's Day candy on sale for 30% off so I stocked up on Dum Dums and Air Heads for my kids (hehehe). Also on clearance were notebooks for 50% off so i got a small one for 75 cents. Oh, it was a glorious purchase of ONLY clearance items!

Then, I went to Staples and they had these two packs of scissors for only $3 a piece! Normally, these babies are $14 so I saved $11! I bought five packs of these guys for only $15! I think this was only in person at my store because I just looked online and I couldn't find the deal.

Here is the glorious stock up pile! God, I'm in love.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sequences / Series Tasks Cards (Speed Dating)

The last unit that I do with the trig kids is sequences and series. Now, they find these topics to be incredibly easy by the end of the year because of the level of rigor they've seen throughout the school year. Now, even though some kids find it easy, there are a few who benefit from the practice and plus, I hate allowing them to work on homework.

Here's a speed dating activity for both sequences and series. There are ten cards a piece and practice a variety of topics including evaluating series and finding formulas and specific terms of the sequences.

Enjoy the pretty fonts!

Sequence Task Cards

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Add Em Up Radical & Rational Exponents Equations Edition

I've previously created Add Em Up games for other topics (3x3 Systems and Solving Exponential/Log Equations) but now, I made another one for solving radical/rational exponent equations. I tried really hard to stay true to the original intent of a progression of ease. The first page is significantly easier than than the last page.

Now perhaps it's just my kids, but my kids find rational exponent equations a lot easier than radical ones so I put those last. If you need a reminder on instructions, please see the previous post.

Remember, it's important to have the documents color coded so that you can post the add em up totals on the board labeled by their level of difficulty.

*Side note on this one.... a few of them have two solutions so there will be more than one answer for a few that contribute to the over all add em up total on that page*

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sub Binder - Kind of necessary when you'll miss a total of 18 days in the school year....

Finally, I've been inspired to make a Sub Binder. After pinning samples a while ago and even making a fake one during Grad School as an assignment, I made my own. About time... considering I was absent 10 days last term and will be for sure another 8 days this term.....

The border is courtesy of the 3am teacher. Thank you, you do have some lovely borders!

Cover Page, you have to have one of these.

Letter to the sub. I feel like it's just a courtesy to thank someone for taking care of your rascals.
I cut this one in half as I didn't want my full name published.

Daily Schedules. I also added the disclaimer that we constantly change the schedule and to check with an admin member to see if the schedule got changed. My school is infamous for changing it up on us....

Cover Page for where the lesson plans/copies of assignments will be located.

Basic Info. I'll probably just print off the class lists from PowerSchool. I also added the links to my class webpages. Sometimes, I have a really awesome sub who likes to know the material so they visit my website.

Now this is key. There are obviously the times where things just happen and there are no plans. This is where Kuta Software rocks my socks. The Emergency Plans is essentially a worksheet day where the kids don't know which worksheet is for points (inspired by a pin from pinterest). I choose fractions/solving equations/simplifying radicals as these are all skills that I consider prerequisites for all my courses.

The while you were out form. I broke mine up by class period and added the question: did you submit attendance to powerschool? (Our subs have their own logins)

Did I miss anything? What all do you put in your sub binder?

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Really Great Algebra 2 Riddle Worksheets

I always see these worksheets on TeachersPayTeachers where the kids solve a bunch of problems to unriddle who a famous person is. But why pay $1? Yes, I know I want to support my fellow teachers but I too am a teacher and every penny counts!

I've found this really wonderful website that has a whole bunch of these worksheets.... FOR FREE!!!!

There are a wide variety of topics and all you need to do is press the worksheets button under the section where you want to find the worksheet. This will then open a new screen where you can choose the worksheet topic which will have a riddle for your kids to uncover! These can be fun to use as small warmups/exit tickets/reviews or even worksheets to complete while you have a substitute.


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