Thursday, February 6, 2014

Add Em Up Radical & Rational Exponents Equations Edition

I've previously created Add Em Up games for other topics (3x3 Systems and Solving Exponential/Log Equations) but now, I made another one for solving radical/rational exponent equations. I tried really hard to stay true to the original intent of a progression of ease. The first page is significantly easier than than the last page.

Now perhaps it's just my kids, but my kids find rational exponent equations a lot easier than radical ones so I put those last. If you need a reminder on instructions, please see the previous post.

Remember, it's important to have the documents color coded so that you can post the add em up totals on the board labeled by their level of difficulty.

*Side note on this one.... a few of them have two solutions so there will be more than one answer for a few that contribute to the over all add em up total on that page*

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