Sunday, February 16, 2014

Classroom Supply Deals of the Weekend!

Oh my goodness! Thank you Elementary School teachers for celebrating the 100th day of school! As a result of this wonderful "holiday" there are a few spots that I had to stop to get their leftover clearance items for my own classroom!

At Target, there were several items in the One Spot shop and the black star items were 70% off! If you know Target sales, these items don't last long. I got 2 packs of black dry erase markers for 30 cents a piece! So I got 13 packs..... They also had these adorable happy birthday certificates for 30 cents and these colorful classroom borders for 90 cents! They also had their Valentine's Day candy on sale for 30% off so I stocked up on Dum Dums and Air Heads for my kids (hehehe). Also on clearance were notebooks for 50% off so i got a small one for 75 cents. Oh, it was a glorious purchase of ONLY clearance items!

Then, I went to Staples and they had these two packs of scissors for only $3 a piece! Normally, these babies are $14 so I saved $11! I bought five packs of these guys for only $15! I think this was only in person at my store because I just looked online and I couldn't find the deal.

Here is the glorious stock up pile! God, I'm in love.

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