Monday, February 24, 2014

Mad Lib Math - Equations of Parabolas [Conic Sections]

Here comes another inspired product from cruising the internet and refusing to pay for similar lessons. Actually, I found an Equations of Circles Around the Room and a Quadratic Mad Lib and decided to essentially combine the two. And boom, here is the Equations of Parabolas (the conic ones) Mad Lib!

Mad Lib is a fun game where a story is built throughout using essentially random words. In a math class, the random words are actually intentional and based upon the answers that the kids come up with. At the end, the kids should have the same Mad Lib story as I do!

Because mine is in PDF form, you can't edit it but I can always email it to you (thus losing the pretty fonts). The questions come from a Kuta Generator and are intended to be a variety of questions that will better prepare the kids with the various ways that they can be presented information in an effort to write an equation.

Enjoy the mad lib and the silliness that will develop as a result of creating the equations for these parabolas!

Equations of Parabolas Mad Lib


  1. Would you mind emaiLing this activity to
    thanks in advance!

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  3. This is amazing! I am obsessed with that font! What is it?!

  4. This looks awesome! Would you mind emailing it to me at please?!


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